One of the best things about living in London is the opportunity to discover a world of plays, musicals, ballets, exhibitions and every other cultural endeavour your heart could desire.

Tonight we went to Sadler’s Wells in Finsbury to see Matthew Bourne’s production of Edward Scissorhands. Although I had really wanted to see the show based on the previews on the website, I wasn’t prepared for how…magical….the performance was going to be.

From the use of lights on material to create rain and snow, to the interactive, lit up, stunningly crafted sets of homes, a cemetery, the rising and setting sun, a backyard barbecue, and town Christmas party, to name a few, the costumes were beautifully representative of 1950’s America, puffy party dresses, dodgy running gear and pigtailed children who’s mothers wave them off to school, to the dancing sculpted shrubs, nothing was half done, or in any way short of fantastic.

The orchestra was in a league of it’s own with a score reminiscent of the movie, hitting the right emotional pitches all the way, Cheery suburbanism, passion, excitement, danger and hauntingly beautiful in places, it could stand alone as piece of art on its own.

The most striking performance of the night, in my opinion, was that of Noi Tolmer in the role of Kim Boggs – not only did she perform the role of a teen girl in the exhilarating fashion that leads you to remembering your own first kiss, and with a smile that reached to the back of the room when she realised she was in love with Edward, but she was also the best dancer on the stage. It’s with good reason that Matthew Bourne has had her starring in a number of his productions.

The final act ends in splendour with ‘snow’ falling on the stage and across the audience and the lengthy applause ascertained that I was not the only one to enjoy this fantastic show.

My only question now is whether there are any tickets left for the last week of this production, ’cause I could happily go and see it again!

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Matthew Bourne’s Edward Scissorhands at Sadler’s Well

  1. Sounds amazing! I absolutely love the film, and so its a shame I don’t have time to see this production (especially with such a glowing review!)


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