I think one week in to the new year is a good time to stop and take a look at where you are with those new years resolutions.

Taken by Jon KnellerSo, my first resolution was to become debt free. Obviously, that hasn’t been achieved, but we’re working on it. We’ve started listing everything we spend to see where most of our money goes.

I read some research that stated that the average London grocery bill for two people is £60 per week, to include food, laundry and toiletries. In addition to that we have given ourselves £10 each per week for ‘personal spending’. For me that normally goes on dark chocolate hot chocolate at Cupcake Mum’s Spa!

So, day 5 is come and gone, and we have £19.08 left for the next two days – I think we’ll have pudding with lunch on Sunday!

Resolution Two is to detox. Well, I’ve said before how I love the Ultralife Detox Juice. I swear, I’d drink it every day. But then I guess it would just be a juice!

I haven’t been that good at the no sugars part of the diet, I’ll admit, but I wake up in the morning, have the juice, feed my baby, check the featured blog of the day on the SITS site, and check my emails. By then an hour has passed and I can have breakfast. All my festive bloating is gone, and I have loads of energy already!

I’ll be better at the diet next week, I promise.

The final resolution is the one we’ve done best at. Take charge of waste. We’ve been eating our way through all the food in the kitchen. Well, that sounds worse than it is! We’ve been making sure that none of our fresh, lovely, pricey organic vegetables make it in to the bin. I’ve also been systematically using up and emptying all the bits in the fridge. This has led to some new and unusual meal combinations, like tonight’s rice spring rolls stuffed with lettuce, bean sprouts stir fried in garlic and ginger, beef steak strips and sweet chili dip, served with sushi rice. A new meal for us, but no wastage and totally delicious!

We’re steadily working our way through an entire shelf of four types of hot chocolate, about twelve herbal teas and four different coffees, as well as a cupboard full of different flours, pastas and jellies!

Reclaiming the kitchen, one overstuffed shelf at a time!

How are your resolutions going?

Taking stock from time to time will help you maintain focus, and remember, it really doesn’t matter how many times you fall down. What matters is how many times you get up again!


Resolutions – One Week On

  1. Good for you on your resolutions Lusch! I’m working through my fridge / freezer too, although, because I am detoxing too there is lots of foods off limits like pizza and bread. However, I am feeding this stuff to the human dustbin….sorry…my other half!


  2. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!! I too am working on my issues with food waste. With 2 toddlers who refuse to eat anything I make it has become a challenge! LOL

  3. Wow! You’re doing pretty well on your resolutions. I only (finally) wrote mine up yesterday, so I have yet to get started. I’ll have to start soon, though, or I’ll forget. xD

  4. Hey!

    So cool that you check SITS as part of your routine- supporting the featured blogger is what it’s all about.

    My New Year’s resolution? Keep my mouth closed and my mind open.


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