Dear Ameli                                                                                                                                 4 March 2010

I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by, nor can I believe that five months ago this minute, I was opening my eyes from my first decent sleep in days.

You have grown in leaps and bounds this month. You seem in such a hurry. It has been beautiful to observe. It has been magical to be a part of. We are so blessed to have you as our baby.

You sprouted your first little tooth on the 18th, amidst a river of drool and many tears. I thank God that we’ve been able to be home with you, because I’d have hated sending you off with the suffering you’ve been feeling in your little mouth. The second tooth came out five days later, and your river of drool is now a waterfall.

You’ve also decided that life on your tummy is not for you, and literally overnight you figured out how to pop yourself on your knees and shift yourself by rocking forward and backward till you fall forward, but stop yourself with your arm and then repeat the movement until you get to sort of where you were going.

Today you are five months and you managed to shimmy/crawl over to your octopus toy and began playing with it.

You laugh more now days. It takes a bit of work, but Daddy is especially good at making you laugh. Especially when we make funny duck noises. Or blow on your tummy. With me, it’s when I try to ‘eat’ your feet. You find that funny. We find you cute.

You weighed 7.3 kg at our last check, and you officially no longer really fit in to any 0-3 month clothes. In fact some of your clothes are labelled 12 months.

Your sleep has been disturbed over the last few weeks as your teeth have been making their desperate dash towards daylight, but when you are not sore, you sleep really well. Your bedtime routine of 7pm is well established now, and you go to sleep without any fuss. You normally sleep till about 1am, then you come in to bed with us for a feed and spend the rest of the night there.

You tend to take up my whole side of the bed as you lie on your belly with your arms flung wide. I have developed a sore back from trying to keep myself on the bed during the night. But I love hearing your breath right by my ears. And I love your little sleep sounds. Your little whimpers, and sighs.

In the bath you often lie back and let out a deeply contented sigh. You have such adult mannerisms, but in miniature. Like sneezes, and coughs, and contented sighs.

You are a treasure to behold, and a pleasure to be around. You are trusting and sweet and beautiful.

Happy five months my beautiful little girl.

Mommy loves you


Dear Ameli- Letter to a five month old

  1. Luschka…that’s absolutely gorgeous. I regret not having done something like this. I resolve to try to do this every month of Little Miss’ 3rd year on earth. Her 2nd birthday is coming up in June…you’ve given me a new charge! Thanks lovely! 😉

    .-= Karin @ Cafe Bebe´s last blog ..My Nostalgic Favourite Place =-.

    1. @Karin @ Cafe Bebe, Thank you Karin (and welcome to my blog!) I honestly don’t believe its ever too late to start. I dream of giving it to her bound in leather on her 18th birthday. In truth she’ll probably be reading it when she’s six, but still! 🙂 Start – it really is never too late!

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