A second competition for you today, and unfortunately I’ve been remiss and it won’t end on time for you to win your prize in time for Valentines day – but I’ll still tell you about it, so you can still buy before the 8th – the final day for shipping – to receive your Valentine’s goodies from YourSurprise.com.

My husband has a rather sweet tooth, so I decided to order him a box of chocolates, but rather than buying something regular, I thought a personalised chocolate gift would go down a treat.

I chose the Chocolate Bonbons from your surprise, and we received a box with 15 heart shaped chocolates and a personalised greeting card.

Now, this is more expensive than your average box of Cadbury’s at Sainsbury’s – in fact the15 treats in this box will cost you £21 including delivery, but they do make a very unique gift.

Getting it personalised is very easy too – you upload your image, add your message and place your order… simple as.

I’ve written about Your Surprise’s chocolate before, so I’ll quote myself here:

“The top layer is always white chocolate, and you can choose plain white, milk or dark for the rest of the chocolate. I’m not a lover of white chocolate, so I was a bit concerned that it was going to ruin the yum for me, but it absolutely did not. It’s so hard in a sponsored blog post to convey sincerity, because you could just think I love the chocolate because I have to. And it’s true, I could. But behind closed doors, there are no secrets, and here’s the embarrassing truth: My husband and I shared the chocolate card while Ameli was sleeping so we didn’t have to share.”

Just one word of warning: when you upload a picture, make sure it’s a dark image. We used this one, and unfortunately Ameli isn’t very clear on the printed chocolates due to the white background. But then, it’s still a great gift.

By the way, PlayPennies have an exclusive discount code for 10% off any Valentines goodies from YourSurprise until the 14th of February.


So, it’s going to be too late for Valentines day, but then, is it ever too late for chocolate? To win a box of these chocolates, leave a comment below saying what picture you’d use to decorate them and why?

For an additional entry, (which is not compulsory, and is not sponsored by Facebook and which has nothing to do with Facebook or its employees) you can like YourSurprise on Facebook, and leave a message on their wall saying I’ve sent you.

This competition finishes at 23:59 on 20 February 2012 and the winner will be randomly drawn.

And the winner is:




Please read the competition rules.


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Your Surprise Valentine’s Day Review

  1. I would choose the photo of my fiance asleep holding our son when he was just 2 days old-they are both the loves of my life x

  2. a photo of my holiday last year – I broke my foot at the start of the second week and so couldnt enjoy it as much at least this way I can enjoy eating it!

  3. I’d put my recent wedding photo on, we had a try at steel drums. I was hysterical because we were do bad. The photo captures the laughter entirely!

  4. I’d use a picture from our wedding day, it was only 6 months ago but already seems like ages so it would be a lovely treat!

  5. id use a picture of me when i graduated as i didnt really cellebrate because i was heavily pregnant feel like i missed out a bit!!

  6. I’d use a photo of my nephews and give them to my mum for mothers day. She’s 88 and adores her family. I’m only afraid she’d think they were too good to eat!

  7. I would use a picture of me, and then give them to my husband and children as I will be going away with a friend for five nights in March. its the first time I will have been away without them, and we are all not looking forward to it really, so that would be a nice present to leave them. x

  8. I would leave them blank so we could each write our own little love note on them and give them to one another. Sometimes it is lovely to exchange a special word or two!

  9. I’d put a picture of myself on the chocoates, and give them to my gorgeous partner, to see if he would feel guilty seeing my face and eating them all! and maybe then he would save me one!! As he has never shared chocolate with me ever, he loves it too much, more than me it seems haha <3

  10. I’d choose a picture of my other half and me when we first got together – we were 19 and 20! Or, if I could get hold of a good picture, I’d use a photo of OH’s sister and her fiance to give them as a unique wedding gift when they get married this year.

  11. I would use a pic of our dog, he’s the light of the whole families life. He is not by any means pampered, he is very well trained and knows his place but he is loved dearly. Cuddles, hugs, walks and games are on tap all day even if naughty treats are not. He in return is the sweetest tempered, well mannered dog I have met. He does not bark, NEVER growls and only very occasionally jumps up. Would no dream of chewing something that was not his and even a child can take food or a toy off him he just wags his tail all the time. In return we all love him, so I would put him xx

  12. A pic of my beautiful granddaughter. She’s just like chocolate – a very lovely, gorgeous, sweet little thing, and I can’t resist her! 🙂

  13. Hi
    I’d use a picture of my beautiful nearly 9mo with his face covered in food – it would mean you wouldn’t mind if you got a bit of chocolate on your face while eating them, because the full-body experience is clearly the best way to enjoy food…

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