Our Squidgy girl’s birth story is a little bit of a lot of things. It’s still quite raw in my head, and this will probably all come out a bit rambly, but… it is what it is. It was imperfect, and yet perfect too. It was perfectly different. Perhaps that’s the first lesson I’ve had to learn in parenting two children. Perfectly different.  For a short birth, this is a long story. Here it is:

Squidgy, who is as yet unnamed, was born at 17:23 in water in our living room at home on 13 March 2012. She weighed 4.2kg, or 9lb 6oz, with a head circumference of 37.5 cm and length of 56cm. So,  yes. A rather big baby. By scan dates she was 42 weeks and 5 days gestation. By my dates she was 40 weeks and 5 days. Her placenta was fine and she was still covered in vernix and not at all wrinkled or looking like an overdue baby.

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Birth Story of Squidgy – 13 March 2012

  1. I love your story! I had that same experience of pushing but not being sure I really was, or if anyone noticed. And the need for the birth pool to be filled NOW, ha ha. So glad you had the peaceful home birth you’d intended, even if things were a bit frantic and fast in the middle there. Your little one is so lovely! And you are a birthing rockstar!

  2. What a beautiful sharing! I read this on my phone while in Texas, which makes it hard to comment here – so I came back to read it (and all of your “Letters to Squidgy”) this morning. I stand – once again – so very proud of the woman you have become Luschka. It has been such an honor for me to watch you grow in yourself, as both a mother and a woman. In case I haven’t said it lately, I Love You, My Lovely. 🙂

  3. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to read your tale. I was anxious for it, but then couldn’t seem to find myself in the right frame of mind when I was also online. Your story is wonderful! And I love the underwater photo! I envy your birth experience. While I have yearned for a home water birth, I have not been disappointed by my own experiences. Powerful, indeed! Congratulations!

  4. What a great birth story, It was so good to read it. What a big baby, Jesse was 3.97kg’s and I remember he looked like a giant in the hospital nursery next to all the other babies, but I enjoyed having a big baby, he seemed so much stronger. Enjoy your babymoon Luschka, thinking of you lots. xXx

  5. What a beautiful story, Luschka! Thank you for sharing it with us. I loved hearing about Ameli’s involvement, especially, as Annabelle’s role in her sibling’s birth is a big topic on my mind right now. I can’t wait to share that experience with her, and I enjoyed hearing how you shared Squidgy’s birth with Ameli. It’s so beautiful that you ended up with a supportive doula, too! Congratulations again!

  6. such an inspiring story!
    I hope to have one similar for my baby #2. #1 was painful, but natural. I am hoping for a less painful one next time around 🙂 and your story makes me feel like this is all possible. xx

  7. Your second labour sounds much like mine, slow to start then all systems go! I would have loved a home birth, my partner wasn’t keen and we were so far from a hospital (40 mins at least each way) so it wasn’t a realistic option for us just incase anything went wrong in the end, so glad you got yours and Martin got the pool sorted in time! I was busy making a tiramisu for Christmas Day when I was in labour – never did get round to eating it though as I was stuck in hospital, hope you got to share the birthday cake with Ameli though!

  8. Congratulations and thanks for sharing your story. I am due to have another baby in August, with my previous babies the cord was always cut straight away but with this one I would like to wait until the cord has stopped pulsing, I just wondered roughly how long that takes as I have no idea???

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