There’s been a distinct disconnect between my almost four year old, Ameli, and myself lately. We just aren’t working well together. We’re not cooperating. I’m shouting at her, she’s shouting at me. She ignores me. She tells me I’m not her best friend anymore. She doesn’t listen to me… and the number of times I’ve said the words ‘you’re  not listening to me’ made me realise that maybe, just maybe, the disconnect is because I’m not listening to her, either.

By listening to her, I don’t mean paying attention when she talks, or doing what her three year old demands insist. I mean really, deeply, listening to her, to what her words are not saying.

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Love Bombing With A Three Year Old

    1. I’ve also been thinking about more INFORMALLY, actually. It’s not always practical to head out with just one child, so maybe grabbing snippets of the day here and there will be helpful too!

  1. “One movie doesn’t fix everything” . Seriously, it goes such a long way to turning around the communication and putting you on the right path. I’ve been blogging a bit about my experience with love-bombing and a similar cycle of communication with my eldest daughter. It has been nothing short of amazing. We are totally loved up at the moment!

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