We love books around here, and one of my pet projects is giving books life. We do this in two categories: literature to arts and crafts or literature to food. We also love a good book-based party, even if we are the only invited guests.

These activities are generally aimed at children aged 2 – 7

Book Based Activities

Literature to Art & Crafts

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

The Fish With The Deep Sea Smile

Hold that thought, Milton

How To Catch A Star

The Incredible Journey


Mummy’s Little Sunflowers

Pumpkins Pumpkins Everywhere

Underpants Wonderpants

Wakey Wakey Big Brown Bear


Literature to Food

Dr. Seuss

How To Catch A Star

Winnie The Pooh

{Christmas} The Snowman


Book Based Parties & Celebration Days


19 January – Winnie The Pooh Day

2 March – Dr. Seuss Day Activities For Toddlers

13 September – Foods, Activities and Crafts To Celebrate Roald Dahl Day


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