Bug In A Rug Babyrug Review

Have you ever gotten your baby or toddler nice and warmly dressed, just to get out to the car and find you have to either take off their warm layers so they’ll fit in the car seat, or readjust the car seat straps? Then, having adjusted the straps so that baby/toddler is safely strapped in, you want to head home again, but the sun has come out and it’s turned into a warm day and you have to adjust the strap again?  It’s one of my pet irritations. It really is. Which is why the Bug In A Rug blanket from Babyrug is sheer genius.

When we’re leaving home, I put Aviya in her rug, which is what I carry her out to the car in. She’s popped straight into the car seat and off we go. While we’re out and about I can either leaver her in the Bug because it’s thin enough that she can fit comfortably into the sling with it, and because it’s design allows her to be either ‘wrapped’ or have froggy legs in the sling. When I take her out, she’s still warm and cozy, or I can take her out of the blanket if it’s warm enough, and she can go into the car seat without it on, because it’s thin enough that no car seat adjustment is required. Like I said – genius.Read more: Bug In A Rug Babyrug Review