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Have you ever gotten your baby or toddler nice and warmly dressed, just to get out to the car and find you have to either take off their warm layers so they’ll fit in the car seat, or readjust the car seat straps? Then, having adjusted the straps so that baby/toddler is safely strapped in, you want to head home again, but the sun has come out and it’s turned into a warm day and you have to adjust the strap again?  It’s one of my pet irritations. It really is. Which is why the Bug In A Rug blanket from Babyrug is sheer genius.

When we’re leaving home, I put Aviya in her rug, which is what I carry her out to the car in. She’s popped straight into the car seat and off we go. While we’re out and about I can either leaver her in the Bug because it’s thin enough that she can fit comfortably into the sling with it, and because it’s design allows her to be either ‘wrapped’ or have froggy legs in the sling. When I take her out, she’s still warm and cozy, or I can take her out of the blanket if it’s warm enough, and she can go into the car seat without it on, because it’s thin enough that no car seat adjustment is required. Like I said – genius.

While I have tried to do the same with normal baby sleeping bags, that’s not been as effective as I can’t strap the car seat securely without opening the zip – which defeats the aim. With the Bug in a Rug, baby’s feet go in two dedicated leg bits, so they can stay warm and safely strapped in – or in a sling, you can thread the sling between the legs without hassles.

The soft fleece is wrapped around baby in a swaddle hold, but it is loose enough that baby can move around in it too. My daughter doesn’t like being swaddled, so she can just be covered. As compared to a snow suit, for example, the baby rug is really compact and can easily go into your handbag or nappy bag.

It is machine washable, and is available in a variety of colours, which is fabulous if you’re not dominated by gender stereotypes.

The only down side of the Bug in a Rug is that it’s available in three sizes, so you’ll need new ones as your baby grows. Having said that, I have a large baby – she’s over 5kg at 8 weeks! And the small still has plenty room in it. She’ll be in it for some time yet.

Nappy changes are also easy, since there are no buttons, poppers or zips – it’s just in and out, which is very convenient.

The Bug in a Rug is not a baby essential. Your baby will make it through life without it, but it sure as heck makes my life easier, by relieving me of that odd annoyed irritation constantly adjusting the car seat straps give me. It’s also a lot easier than trying to get tiny baby fingers through arm holes on jackets or getting them stuck in the weaving on jerseys and jumpers.

This little bit of baby kit is so useful and practical, every time we’ve been out of the house with it, I’ve been asked where we got it from!


Bug in a Rug - SmallBabyrug have offered one reader of Diary of a First Child has a chance to win a Bug in a Rug.  To stand a chance to win, head over to BabyRug, have a browse around, then come back here and tell me which colour and size you would prefer.

For an additional entry, (which is not compulsory, and is not sponsored by Facebook and which has nothing to do with Facebook or its employees) you can like BabyRug on Facebook, and leave a message on their wall saying I’ve sent you.

This competition finishes at 23:59 on 21 May and the winner will be randomly drawn. Winners will be announced here and on the Diary of a First Child Facebook Page. Please check these to find out who won.

And the winner is:








Please read the competition rules.

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85 thoughts on “Bug In A Rug Babyrug Review

  1. Christine Bray

    Small in hot pink please they look gorgeous xxx

  2. Solange

    Large in purple please

  3. joanna smith

    red in the medium please! xxx

  4. Yvette D

    Baby Blue – Large please

  5. E Lawrence

    Hot pink in small please

  6. Sandy Hill

    Large in purple would be purply perfect 🙂

  7. Kay Smith

    Large in purple please 🙂


    Large – baby blue

  9. Rebecca Denyer

    I would love the Hot Pink in Medium for my grandaughter x

  10. Laura Mason

    Hot Pink pls in large

  11. Lesley Bain

    I’d love hot pink in large…fab product! 🙂

  12. Cath

    Red in large please

  13. Lau Louise Mason

    baby pink small

  14. Lee Roy Johnson

    baby blue medium

  15. Jules H

    Small pink would be beautiful!

  16. Bernie

    Large Red please, baby came last Monday 😀 , little girl and she has a white and a hot pink one for now, they are so cute. Thanks for the givaway.

  17. Rachel Blackburn

    I’d like a small in white or pink 🙂

  18. Duncan

    Have already liked your and their FB pages, but left a comment on theirs 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  19. Duncan

    They are SO cute and since we don’t know what we get, I would go for red and medium/3-6 months please 🙂

  20. Jessica L

    Medium, red please x

  21. Sarah Martin

    I would like the small in baby pink for my friend who is due to have a little girl very soon.

  22. Deborah Bird

    I am liking babyrug on facebook and have said hi!

  23. Lani Nash

    Medium in hot pink please x

  24. Deborah Bird

    I would love a baby pink one in small please 🙂

  25. Jonathan Smith

    Purple 6-12 Months would be fantastic if I was lucky enough.

  26. Annemieke Troost

    i would love the 6/12 months in hot pink please 🙂 and i liked there facebook page

  27. nicola white

    could i please have red in large xx

  28. Jaseos Harpos

    I’d like the purple one in small please

  29. Lynsey Buchanan

    i would love the Baby Blue in Pre term size

  30. Lucy Shenton

    A large red would be lovely! 😀 x

  31. oohh I would love to win a medium Purple, bug in a rug baby wrap, please

  32. Holly Boyd

    They are adorable and seem so useful.

    If I had to choose a colour it would be red however I would be grateful for any colour. Due in September with hopefully 1st live baby so size small 0-3 months would be perfect however any of the sizes would be used.

  33. Helen maddock

    large purple please, these are gorgeous

  34. kerry thwaite

    i love them all! but i would love the hot pink in medium please for my niece who has just had a little girl 🙂

  35. Leigh Larkin

    Oh these look fab!

    Baby white in large please. 🙂

  36. Clare

    would love red small

  37. Alison

    I would love to win a baby blue rug in small please have also facebooked

  38. Laura Costello

    Red 6-12 months <3

  39. Joanna Sawka

    red in size large

  40. Claire Butler

    liked fb pages and said you sent me

  41. Claire Butler

    Large red please

  42. Tracy Hanley

    Medium in red

  43. Julie Edwards

    Pink 6-12 months 🙂

  44. Marie

    Red, small. Gorgeous!

  45. Laura Percival

    The large (6-12months) purple one would be perfect 🙂

  46. Svetlana Lemantovic

    Baby Pink large

  47. Sarah Ballantyne

    Liked BabyRug on FB and left message.x

  48. Harpal Kaur

    Medium baby white please

  49. Sarah Ballantyne

    I’d love a medium in red please.

  50. diane findlay

    The Bug in a Rug baby wrap purple

  51. Susie M

    Would love a red in large.

  52. Alana Walker

    Liked BabyRug on FB and left message.x

  53. Alana Walker

    These are great! I would love 6-12 months in purple.xx

  54. Margaret

    They look lovely.

    Red – size 6-12 months.

    Thanks xXx

  55. kirstine meredith

    Loving Purple in 6 months plus please

  56. Cheryl Lovell

    I would like the purple in size 6-12 months 🙂

  57. Paula Green

    Lovely! I’d like the Red in size medium please (3-6 months)

  58. Sara Macey

    Medium baby blue please

  59. karendonald2105@googlemail.com

    Would love the purple

  60. Lauren Pilkington

    Id go for red and size large 🙂

    ive left message on fcebook saying you sent me too 🙂 x

  61. caroline matthews

    small baby blue please

  62. Jane Roberts

    WOW!! I’d love the Hot Pink in 6-13 months ♥

  63. Kerrie Vella

    liked fb and commented

  64. Kerrie Vella

    i would love the red in size large

  65. Lyndsay Cambridge

    Lovely! I’d like the Red in size medium please (3-6 months)

  66. Alice Matthews

    Medium red please 🙂

  67. Tracy Nixon

    I am a fan of BabyRug on Facebook and have posted on their wall! Thank you Tracy K Nixon

  68. Tracy Nixon

    Hot pink in medium please (3-6 months)

  69. Marta P

    Purple 6-12m babyrug please

  70. Hot pink medium!! Oh yeh!

  71. Great competition! I’d love a purple 6-12m babyrug.

  72. I’m with you in loving the Babyrug…

  73. emma j lowe

    posted on babyrug facebook page to say you have sent me

  74. emma j lowe

    red, 6-12 months please

  75. Viv Gilbey

    Have posted on BabyRugs facebook page 🙂

  76. Viv Gilbey

    I’d go for the Red in 3-6 months please 🙂

  77. Sam ransom

    red in size 6-12 months.

  78. katherine grieve

    Lovely, 3-6 in red please xxx

  79. sofia ramos

    I would love the red medium please

  80. Think I’d go for a medium purple 🙂

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