Traditional Car Games Still Top Choice For Family Holidays

In May the children and I drove to Holland for a fantastic week of pretty luxury camping. Coming from the Isle of Wight the trip included 2 ferries, two accidents (others, not ours) and a motorway entirely closed for maintenance, the 8-hour trip took us closer to 14 hours. Fortunately I’m not a first timer to long journeys, so I was well prepared with car games, individual games, charged tablets and phones, extra cables for on-the-road charging and everything you could possibly need, down to the pencil sharpeners. And then, in a stroke of complete lunacy, I left the whole Trunkie filled with car games and rainy day games and activities neatly by the front door and didn’t realise it until we were on open water with no chance of going back to fetch it! Disaster, right? Well, it all turned out okay, in the end, as I managed to draw on a childhood of car travel in a life before travel-sized games and technology to make for fun travel that was more about the waffle-stop in Belgium than about just reaching our destination.

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Tips for Travelling with a Baby

We’re travellers at heart, really. Over the years we’ve covered most means of transport and stayed in every standard of accommodation imaginable. Most recently, at 7.5 months pregnant we camped in England. Then, when our daughter Ameli was 5 days old, we travelled to Bath to visit the in-laws. At 11 days we stayed in a hotel with my parents, and a good few trips in between, at 8 months, she had her first camping experience.

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