Getting Crafty With Meadow Kids Mini Stencils

We recently received a Great Gizmos Mini Stencils set from Meadow Kids to review with my 5 and 3 year old girls. While this set is billed as ‘for girls’ which is evident from the over abundance of pink in the packaging, they are suitable for anyone who likes fairies, flowers, butterflies, dresses, crowns, shoes and other frilly and generally ‘girly’ things. stencils

The Great Gizmos Meadow Kids Mini Stencils set comes in a self contained box, which opens up as two drawers. In the drawers are 12 x stencil sheets with over 150 stencil shapes, 20 x sheets of framed paper (A6? If that’s a size), 6 x small sized colouring pencils, 1 x pencil sharpener, and a selection of blank cards and envelopes.

The stencil sheets and paper come in two spiral bound booklets, which is great because the stencil sheets can be left in the book and used that way, or removed and returned as needed – which I did the first few times, then decided they could live quite comfortably in the drawers without my interference!

The stencils are very thin, which initially I thought would see them break really easily, or they’d just be a pain to work with, but I was surprised by how solid they are. They are quite durable.

Great Gizmos Meadow Kids Stencils

Great Gizmos Meadow Kids Stencils For Girls In Action

I also thought the small size of the sheets would make them hard to hold onto while drawing the outlines, but the stencils all have a matt-style finish, which means they grip plain white paper pretty well and don’t slide around the page much.

I like that the kids can use the framed pages for practice or for adding to the envelopes, and obviously the card and envelopes are ideal for getting kids sending ‘letters’ to family and friends, which my two thought was a great plan.

Great Gizmos Meadow Kids Stencils For Girls Sample A

Great Gizmos Meadow Kids Stencils For Girls can make an artist out of me yet 😉

If you’re not excited by the pink set, there’s also a ‘for everyone‘ set and a blue set, both of which have over 170 stencil shapes, along with all the other bits. But thefor girls’ set is certainly good for most things girly girls like!


Celebrating Childhood – A Creative {Kodak} Competition

At five weeks pregnant, I phoned my friend Laura to share my news and while I was on the phone she told her boyfriend. I heard him say “Wow! Oh no – can you imagine how many photos there’ll be on Facebook now!” And he wasn’t wrong. I have taken 6053 photos in the last 50 weeks – not all of her, mind, but certainly most.

As much as I love having pictures of Ameli (and all our travels and our daily life) as my screen saver, I also do a weekly Week in Pictures where I highlight one picture from each day.  In addition, I often make little home videos. I’m not very good at it, so I don’t tend to share them, but our birth story is a good example. I have printed out my favourite photos for a photo album of my daughter’s first year, and I also have a scrap book with bits and pieces of fabric, confetti, receipts and so on to celebrate all her firsts. Finally, we have collages of pictures all around our house – some of places we’ve been, some of the most beautiful scenes we’ve seen, a fantastic pregnancy montage and so on. I can’t help it. I’m sentimental like that.
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