I will admit to being pretty proud of this little bit of festive colour. The kids planted the seeds that turned into the plant that I tended and nursed, that turned into the twigs that were used for this craft. Talk about upcycling. 
Back in the spring the kids brought home two reused yoghurt pots with bean seeds in them. We took these to the allotment where we planted them, enjoying a whole season of beans. At the end of the autumn, I was clearing the plot, when I found that the now dead bean plant had made a beautiful twine around pole that had kept it up all summer.  I managed to extract a part of it and get it home safely – many parts of it were too brittle and just snapped and broke, but I got enough of it home.*

Decorating is pretty simple – lay paper out, and follow the instructions on the can to spray your twigs.
Tip: if you’ve had to untwine them, remember which way round they go so you can redo it the same way – remember they’re fragile.

Once they’re sprayed and dried, twine them back together. Place them in a pot with a plant, or in a vase on their own and enjoy the festive prettiness.

*You can probably find similar winding twigs and twines with a walk through the forest!

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