Once you have a room beautifully decorated and you have food all good to go, you need to have a few games to keep your young adventurers occupied for an hour and a half (or two hours, or whatever). We always have parties somewhere with lots of room to run around, or in the woods so there’s plenty to keep the kids busy without the need for magicians or other paid entertainment. That said, we do like having some themed games at our parties, and if you do, here’s a run-down for you:Narnia Games Collage

Before you arrive:

Make it a fancy dress party – my girls dressed up as Lucy and Susan with these beautiful dresses from TK Maxx but other kids came as knights, or as the siblings before they enter Narnia. I did almost make Ameli’s dad dress up as Mr. Tumnus, but he managed to get out of it by no one having his size at the time!

Narnia Fancy Dress

1940’s toys:

To get the party started while we were waiting for people to arrive, we had some old fashioned toys:  we had yo-yo’s, pick up sticks, and marbles, letting the kids play. (I was surprised to find most of them didn’t know what the majority of the toys were/how to play!)

Narnia Party Games

Games for your Narnia party:

  • In ‘Narnia’ we had a huge parcel on Mr. Tumnus’ mantelpiece, which actually contained the pass-the-parcel goodies. We wrote Mr.Tumnus’ address on the top layer, and fetched the parcel from his ‘house’ area when we were ready to play.

“What with the parcels and the snow it looked just as if he had been doing his Christmas shopping. He was a Faun. And when he saw Lucy he gave such a start of surprise that he dropped all his parcels.

‘Goodness gracious me!’ exclaimed the Faun.”

Narnia Party Pass the Parcel

  • In the hall we had a craft table where the kids could decorate crowns and tiaras, using a variety of decorations. These they got to keep and take home.

Narnia Party Games Crowns

  • We also made, before the party, arrows from Susan’s quiver. These were planted around the party site, in the woods and around the field so the kids had to go on a ‘treasure hunt’ to find all the arrows Susan had lost. These were then added to their goodie bags so everyone could take them home too.
  • Duck,Duck, Goose – or in this case: Beaver, Beaver, Wolf. The kids sit in a circle, and one walks around the outside, touching each other child on the head, labelling them as ‘beaver’, ‘beaver’, until they choose someone and label them ‘wolf’.  The wolf person jumps up and chases the chooser. If chaser has to sit down in the ‘wolf’s’ place, and the wolf then goes around choosing a new wolf, and so the game keeps going.

Those were the only games we played at the party, but with the decor, the field and the woodland area, the kids made plenty of their own entertainment.

Heading home from your Narnia party:

Our goodie bags included the arrows from the treasure hunt and the crowns we decorated.

We also bought card swords, half of which we cut down to daggers, then spray painted them silver with gold handles.

This way, the goodie bags included Peter’s sword (though I see they now sell wooden swords, which would be so much better!), Sarah’s arrows, and a paper horn, also painted gold and red, and Lucy’s Fire Flower Cordial. Finally, and probably the most painstaking of the goodie bags, was the shield. That said, it’s been two years since the party, and that’s the one thing that has survived! (Annoyingly, I seem to have lost the pictures of the finished goodie bags!)Narnia Party Goodie Bags

All the goodie bag items were put inside a cotton tote, with the movie image of Narnia ironed on to the front using T-shirt Transfer Paper.

A huge amount of effort went into this Narnia party, but the rewards were evident on the looks on the children’s faces, and the fact that it’s been almost two years, and people still talk about it!


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