Whether for Halloween, a fancy dress party or, like we did, a goodie bag for a Narnia party, Peter’s shield as given by Father Christmas adds a nice touch. We made some in silver and some in gold – I only have a gold one left for photos but in the book Peter’s shield was silver.

“These are your presents,” was the answer, “and they are tools not toys. The time to use them is perhaps near at hand. Bear them well.” With these words he handed to Peter a shield and a sword. The shield was the colour of silver and across it there ramped a red lion, as bright as a ripe strawberry at the moment when you pick it. The hilt of the sword was of gold and it had a sheath and a sword belt and everything it needed, and it was just the right size and weight for Peter to use. Peter was silent and solemn as he received these gifts, for he felt they were a very serious kind of present.

Peter Pevensie Shield

For Peter’s Shield you will need:

  • A silver or gold underplate (although if you’re in the UK, the Poundshop and Morrison’s sell these around Christmas time for £1 each)
  • Sticky back plastic
  • Red paper
  • Printer
  • 5cm sturdy lace (or child hand size, plus a bit for glue)
  • Gluegun

To make Peter’s shield:

Print a lion silhouette on red paper

Carefully cut out the silhouette and place it in the centre of the plate. (It can help to use a spot of paper glue to keep the lion in place)

Cut out a square large enough to cover the lion and place it carefully over the lion and the centre of the plate.

Peter Pevensie

Turn the plate over, and using the glue gun drop a dollop of glue on one edge of the lace, and a dollop on the other gluing them to the plate in a way that will allow them to make a handle.

The goodie bags for our Narnia Party included these shields, Lucy’s Fire Flower Cordial, a sword, a dagger and Susan’s arrows – a whole fancy dress play kit in a Narnia bag.

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How To Make Peter’s Narnia Shield

  1. What a simple yet terrific craft! For my son’s birthday, I’ll use your idea for him to make give-aways. Generally I would go buy something for his loot bag, but this year’s going to be different thanks to your lovely idea – many thanks!

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