Eco Camp UK – Real Family Camping

I love camping. There’s something about sleeping under canvas that just works for me. Sure, I get home dirty, exhausted, and with a sore back, but the peace of being outdoors, effectively, is well worth it. Except in most camp sites in the UK, camping doesn’t even begin to hit the spot. A field with more people per square meter than my overpopulated street? Nope, that’s not camping. 

I miss the trees, the  secluded spots, the open fires, things that just aren’t synonymous with the UK camping experiences I’ve had. Till we discovered Eco Camp UK.

Based in East Sussex, they are very secretive about their location. Almost annoyingly so. They’ll give you GPS co-ordinates to get you there, but if your satnav doesn’t take coordinates and your phone doesn’t have data signal in the area (there’s not much 3G cover in the surrounding area), you’re a little screwed. But never fear, a phone call to the ranger and he’ll give you directions, if you didn’t get that part sussed before leaving home.

On arrival at Eco Camp UK, you will park your car in an alcove in the trees, before being met by the warden and walked – walked – to your tent. If you’ve brought your own supplies, there are wheel barrows in the car park for you to carry your things to the camp site. It’s a lovely walk down to the camp site, only about five minutes for most people. For a mama with two smalls about 10 minutes.

We stayed at the Eco Camp UK for four days, and over the course of that time, discovered spots with already set up Yurts all around. They’re so nicely hidden, it’s lovely.

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 See the rough location on the Mamaventurers map