Friday Features: “I Thought I Knew Mama”

I Thought I Knew Mama is written by one of my NPN Volunteer friends and it’s an amazing resource to keep bookmarked and keep scanning for those topics that tickle your fancy. Charise writes about many things pertaining to motherhood, parenting and growing into the role of attachment parent and conscious inhabitant of the planet. Her blog is inspirational, informative, and really very friendly.

On Thursdays you’ll find the Green And Natural Mama link up, with such topics as What is BPA? Why is it bad? What can I do? And practical posts, such as 10 Ways to Keep Your Toddler Active This Fall or 5 Easy Ways for Pregnant Women to Reduce Their Exposure to Chemicals.

Another superbly useful category on I Thought I Knew Mama is ‘Growing Greener’, with frugal ways to living a greener life, such as the post on 3 Items in your Kitchen Pantry that will Clean Your Face Naturally and 3 Natural Cold and Flu Remedies.

You’ll find an abundance of healthy and delicious looking recipes, and insightful thoughts on Natural Parenting.

There is actually so much I could share on I Thought I Knew Mama, but really, the best thing you can do for yourself is to pop over hand have a browse around. You’ll probably learning something, even though you may not know it at the time, but either way, you’ll not regret the time you spend there!

Friday Features: “Manic Mrs Stone”

I adore the Manic Mrs Stone.

She’s one of those women who is everything I will just never be. She’s creative, artistic, exudes confidence, and is beautiful to boot. Actually, there’s a word for women like her: feminine. It’s a trait I envy in women. And one I have no idea how to emulate.

Mrs Stone is actually Elisabeth, a mum to one, married to her hubby since they were 17 years old. They had their first daughter soon after, and are currently expecting their second (due in March). Elisabeth had a c-section with Eden, and is working towards a planned VBAC this time round.

Elisabeth is a really talented photographer as you can see from the incredibly beautiful maternity series of photographs – see what I mean by feminine? There’s also her Kid Stuff series, with favourite fashions and gorgeous style, all photographed in the same amazing way.

For some pretty awesome inspiration, you can browse through the Nature Activities or Crafty Living – if you’re on Pinterest, you’ll want to get your clicking finger ready for those.

Having turned Vegan six months ago, Mrs Stone is learning how to cook vegan food, and shares some of her gorgeous recipes on the blog. There’s actually so much on this blog, if I started pulling up individual posts, I’d be reproducing the whole thing. Just check it out. You really want to!

You know you find those people in your life who you kind of wish you could be? Well, in a totally non-creepy, non-stalker way…  the Manic Mrs Stone is one of those people for me!

Friday Features: ‘Garden Mama’ And ‘MamaUK’

I wanted to share two different bloggers with you this week. If you don’t know them, you won’t know of them either, as they don’t seem to belong to any networks – but if you don’t drop by, you’re missing out.

Garden Mama is one of the very first bloggers I ever read. I don’t remember how I found her blog, but I know exactly why I stayed, and why I keep visiting – it’s a place of tranquillity. Reality, and tranquillity and beauty.

You can’t see through the screen to what someone’s life looks like in reality, but I know that I would love the life that she portrays through her pages.Read more: Friday Features: ‘Garden Mama’ And ‘MamaUK’