Friday Features: “Hybrid Rasta Mama”

Jennifer writes the blog Hybrid Rasta Mama. As her site has recently undergone a massive redesign and is looking all fresh and brand new and sparkly, I thought it would be the perfect time to invite you over for a cuppa. Well. You’ll have to bring the cuppa, but feel free to have a look around – I’m pretty sure she won’t mind.

Jennifer describes herself as “a hybrid parent. I take a little of this, throw in a little of that and blend it all together to create a parenting style that is centered on what my daughter needs from me in order to flourish as a human being.”

She is a believer in natural living, healthy eating and some parts of Steiner/Waldorf education – again, taking what works for them, and leaving what doesn’t.  Jennifer and I will rarely end up at the same parties, however, as she loves Reggae music, something I can only handle with large amount of Rum (in cocktails, preferably 😉

Hybrid Rasta Mama rose to blogger fame recently when her article 80 Uses for Coconut Oil, which was later updated to 160 Uses for Coconut Oil, went somewhat viral on the web. I think a big jar of Coconut Oil is in my shopping future.

Jennifer also has super healthy recipes, and if there’s an ingredient you don’t know what to do with, ask her, and she’ll find something good for you!

There’s a great summary of what Waldorf education is, as well as a long list of Steiner/Waldorf resources, and much more to glean from her welcoming pages.

I hope you enjoy your visit!

Friday Feature: “Wise Way Tribe”

**I’m scaling down to one blog feature a week for a little while, so as to take the pressure off during this having a baby/baby moon phase.**

I love Wise Way Tribe. It’s such a refreshing blog, and Elena’s self-depreciating tone always makes me smile. It’s not that she has a low self-esteem or anything, it’s just that the way she sees the world and comments on it is so amusing to me. Not necessarily funny, but amusing. There’s defiance, whistfulness, longing and passion in her writing. Her blog posts are generally short reads, succinct and to the point. Sometimes they’re about nothing particular. Nothing other than how she’s feeling – which of course has value in and of itself. Other times they’re about things she feels strongly about, like breastfeeding being a right, not a choice or ear piercing.

Elena is an adult educator, just like me in life before children, and I love reading about her joy and passion in helping people who want to learn something learn it. There’s such a difference between teaching people who have to be there and teaching people who want to, and Elena’s posts on the matter spark a memory in me – I loved the feeling at the end of a class when people left happy. It’s why I’ve started up teaching again, albeit a very different subject and audience.

Elena also has an introspective mind, and she seems to read a lot. Her musings on these and other things often come out in her Speaking of Spirit series, which are like bitesize tasters into other ways of thinking.

Again, I find it refreshing and stimulating, and think if you stopped by for a visit you’d agree.


Friday Features: ‘African Babies Don’t Cry’ And ‘Parenting God’s Children’

Today’s bloggers in the spotlight are ladies who stir something within me. Reading their blogs is sometimes painful as it triggers a memory, something I prefer to keep shut away, so that I don’t have to remember, and with remembering, feel loss, or loneliness, or worse: longing.  They might not inspire the same emotions in you as you don’t share the two things I share with them: my homeland and my faith, but I’m still pretty sure that if you allow yourself to, you’ll find yourself lost in the pages of their writing for hours.Read more: Friday Features: ‘African Babies Don’t Cry’ And ‘Parenting God’s Children’