I lay on my bed tonight (last night, when you read this) wondering who to feature in my post today. I was browsing through my reader when it dawned on me that there’s someone I truly admire and respect that I’ve never told you about.

Her name is Mama Jorje and she is just the most awesome Mama to know.

Jorje’s youngest two babies are similar in age to my two and when she was pregnant with Spencer, I would keep a close eye on her blog to see her preparations for introducing a new baby.

Jorje’s youngest, Spencer, has Down’s Syndrome and I will as long as I live never forget the day a call was put out to raise money to help as Spencer had to remain in hospital and Jorje’s dedication to breastfeeding him meant she needed to stay near him. The Natural Parenting and other communities raised over $1000 in 48 hours, and a total of over $1500 all together to fund a hotel stay so that Jorje could still nurse her toddler and her new baby.  It was the most amazing experience to be a part of, and while she didn’t blog about it at the time, following Jorje’s Facebook updates about the NICU’s strict feeding and visitation schedule was very emotional. I was, and am, incredibly moved by what Jorje and her family went through in those early days.

Jorje wrote a detailed and honest series on breastfeeding through pregnancy, and Spencer’s birth story is amazing – she went from 7cm dilation to birthing her son in six minutes. Pretty awesome.

A Mamatography participant, Jorje’s life is wonderful to follow as she shares their days in pictures, once a week.

If you want an honest, inspirational read, head over to Momma Jorje. It’ll be one of the best things you do for yourself today.


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Friday Feature: Momma Jorje

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