Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings has a lovely blog. Perhaps I feel so even more strongly right now, because she’s started a series on preparing for your second baby – something that still resonates strongly with me. I read her posts now and still find new ideas and new suggestions in them, and although we have our second child now, it’s never too late to evaluate your situation.

One of the loveliest ideas I’ve seen in preparing for the birth of a sibling, is Melissa’s Bibliotherapy – using your first child’s life story as a way of preparing for the actual baby, once the having is done. It’s purpose fulfilled, it’ll also be a great keepsake of baby’s first year or so – just stunning.

There’s a really valuable post on sharing, which I have gained a lot from, especially because Ameli is just that little bit older than our other friends, I’m always harder on her to share than I really feel I should be.

Vibrant Wanderings is full of really good information, valuable insights, and just another way of looking at things. In fact it’s a great place to learn most of the time: we’ve been having a hard time getting Ameli to sleep lately. In fact it can take up to three hours, what with bath time, reading time and then actually getting to sleep, and while I’m tapping away at the keyboard, my husband spends hours getting her down. I’ve often wondered if she’s not just over tired… Melissa mentions a six o’clock bed time… and I think it’s worth trying. If it saves us hours upon hours of frustration in the evening? Worth a shot.

Melissa also participates in Mamatography each week, which of course sees me popping over there every week to share in their wonderful life, as they’re about to welcome a new member into their family, shortly after moving to the other side of the world!

Follow their story over at Vibrant Wanderings.

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Friday Features: Vibrant Wanderings

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m honored that you chose to feature us – especially as I gain so much from your blog, too 🙂

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