We always have pictures all over the place. Since we’ve been in this house, where we’re not allowed to put anything on the walls apart from on hooks that were already there, we have loads of pictures just ‘about’. Ameli also really loves puzzles, and since the puzzles in the birth activity kit she’s had a thing for puzzles, so I decided to make a few simple puzzles for her.

I figure that puzzles are good for a child’s brain development and a love for gorgeous custom picture puzzles that can be turned into art down the line is no bad thing!

I bought ice cream sticks at the craft shop, and glue – we only had fabric glue. I initially planned to use scissors to cut the photos, but decided on a craft knife in the end as it was easier to get the thin blade in between the sticks.

To start, I plopped glue on the back of each photo and spread it. Ameli laid the sticks down and moved them (more or less) into place.

We left them to dry, before cutting between the sticks. I mixed them up and Ameli put them together over and again.

I realised pretty soon, however, that this was way too easy for my super smart toddler, so made up ten different puzzles and put them all in a box together. Now at least when she plays with her puzzles, there’s a bit of a challenge!

These photos are of family, which is great, because it keeps her involved with them. She talks about the subjects of the picture/puzzles which is important to me. We’ve also done photos of things we’ve seen on our travels, like lions and elephants.



Photo Puzzle Activity For Toddlers

  1. Very great idea. It’s cheap and very helpful! I really like the concept instead of buying new puzzles in Malls/stores.

  2. Wow yet another fab idea! I thought of something similar but re-cycling chunky jigsaws that when my little ones were smaller had drooled over and so the pictures disappeared, I may just go and put them to good use now! Thanks x

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