Friday Features: Vibrant Wanderings

Melissa from Vibrant Wanderings has a lovely blog. Perhaps I feel so even more strongly right now, because she’s started a series on preparing for your second baby – something that still resonates strongly with me. I read her posts now and still find new ideas and new suggestions in them, and although we have our second child now, it’s never too late to evaluate your situation.Read more: Friday Features: Vibrant Wanderings

Dear *Screen Name*, Are You Really My Friend?

I’ve had ‘online’ friendships for years.

In fact two of the best friends I’ve ever had, and certainly have had for the longest of all my friends, are people I met through a poetry website back in 1998. Kesia I’ve never met in person, and Bruce – and subsequently his wife Deonna – I’ve met once only, when they came to England from the US for Ameli’s babyshower.

Back then we used to talk every day. There wasn’t an aspect of each other’s lives, loves and losses we didn’t know about. Life changed and now we each have spouses, children or grand children and the dramas of our ‘youth’ that brought us together no longer exist. We speak maybe five times a year – but we always know where to find one another. I know that I can wake at 3am and and email any of them, and as soon as they are able – be it an hour, a day or three weeks – they will mail me back. (I’m usually the one that forgets to email back, shamefully.)

These are some of my best friends, they’ve been with me through some of my darkest times. Even though I’ve never met / spent no more than a day with them.

As life changes, so do our circles. In the last two years, I started reading the Natural Parent’s Network, until I became a volunteer mentor/author there. I spend most of my ‘chatting’ time these days on Facebook, chatting on the volunteers group. It’s where I turn when I’m down, lonely, have child-related issues, relationship issues, have great news to share, or simply want to read and help and listen to other people who do the same.
Read more: Dear *Screen Name*, Are You Really My Friend?