Home Made Yoghurt Topping Options

I have tried to do regular food posts here since almost the start of this incarnation of the blog, but something always comes up. Initially I posted recipes based on the organic food deliveries we received, then we joined a foraging group, and I started posting about that. We then went to South Africa and all foraging stopped, but when we returned last year, we started foraging for food again.

Then I became ill, and that stopped too. I’d love to start it up again, but I know that I won’t be able to keep up a weekly foraging post, what with a baby coming and all, so I thought I might combine the two – recipes we use as we explore healthier, organic and seasonal food, and those we come up with when we find ourselves able to forage.

One of my big ‘to-dos’, which I’ve been planning for a while now is making our own yoghurt. I know – it’s about as crazy as making your own mayonnaise, right? But the thing is home-made mayo is exceptionally good and ridiculously easy. So, I thought, perhaps yoghurt would be too?Read more: Home Made Yoghurt Topping Options

Friday Features: ‘Little Snowflakes’ And ‘The Variegated Life’

Little Snowflakes is a blog I hate to love. She tidies her house. She has a plan. She works out and makes it sound like a good idea. And she proves that everything I say I can’t find the time or energy for is just an excuse. She’s bothersome and it’s totally my own fault – which is kind of why I love her blog. She makes me uncomfortable, which makes me get up and go pack the dishwasher and sort the laundry. Which, in turn, makes me feel good.

Read more: Friday Features: ‘Little Snowflakes’ And ‘The Variegated Life’