“Women Who Did” Series On Remarkable Women In History

I strongly dislike ‘introducing’ a new series, as life inevitably happens, and we have to stop, or change direction. Just as I’m getting into the swing of a new theme, the kids decide they don’t love it, and we have to do something different – and since we’re all about being child-led in our home education, that can be a bit of a problem, but here I am, none-the-less, introducing a new series here on the blog. It’s called Women Who Did and it’s all about the women who’ve come before us and made our world and our lives what it is today, whether we knew about it or not .

Why Women Who Did? 

A few years ago I saw a bracelet come up in my timeline on Facebook, and it ‘spoke’ to me. I bought it that day and have worn it every day since. It catches my eye often and it gives me strength when I need it. I’ve since written it’s message on my wall where I can see it every day, and my girls will brush a thumb over it from time to time, when they too, need strength.

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