Top Reviews For 2011

Diary of a First Child grew so much in 2011 and the support we received from brands and companies was pretty amazing. While we try to keep things as natural and environmentally friendly as possible, we also live in the ‘real world’ and I’ll admit, sometimes I too reach for the convenient, the beautiful, the luxurious and so on.

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Smart Trike Recliner Review And Competition

What does an AP parent, who doesn’t like a pushchair, and has a child that hates it, do when out and about? Of course, baby wearing is one option – definitely the best choice we made when Ameli was born, for both colic and for the calmest baby I could have asked for. But, now I have a 19-month old who weighs almost 12kg and where I could carry  her for up to six hours up to a few months ago, she isn’t so keen on that anymore either – she likes to be able to walk, until she’s had enough, and in and out of the sling every five minutes is very fiddly. So, when we were offered a Smart Trike Recliner to try out, I thought, why not.
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