And here we are, day one is already over. Today was a madness of repacking (again!) and we set off in the pouring rain. Martin and I checked in to the hotel and then he went to collect Edu and Simryn at Heathrow. By the time they arrived back, the sun was shining and it had turned into a beautiful day.

We joined a very short queue at the London eye, where we enjoyed a just before sunset view of London, taking in the beautiful vistas of Westminster, Charing Cross, the Battersea power station and much much more!

In the evening we walked along Whitehall, through Trafalgar square and down the Strand to a lovely dinner at Zizzi, followed by a stroll through Leicester Square (where all the movie premiers are held), through Soho and along to King’s Cross, where we’ll have a few well deserved hours of sleep before setting off bright and early for Paris!

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