What a way to start a day, waking up to this view! Then coffee and pastries on a patio with more view before a quick train ride to Monza for the Formula 1.

Monza as a really strange race track in that we had to walk for ages through a trim park, lined with trees and due to all the rain, covered in sludge before arriving at the stands where our seats were.

We had really nice seats towards the upper half of the grandstand at the first chicane with a brilliant view of the first corner. As the rain came down periodically during the race this provided much excitement as cars slipped, slid and glided through it. We had a few overtaking manoeuvres and even a rather decent spin! Even though we were rained on and had to pay E7 for a sandwich, it was a highly enjoyable race and one I’d highly recommend! (Of course, having a BMW driver on the podium only made it better for me!)

The usual post event exit madness was handled with incredible efficiently by the Italians and we were back in Varenna (an hour by train) a mere three and a half hours after the end of the race!

We spent the evening walking around Varenna taking pictures and just drinking in the magnificence that is Lake Como.

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