tools of the herbal tradeToday has truly tested my faith and beliefs. Watching my little girl throwing up clear slime, hearing her cough, listening to her raspy breathing and feeling completely helpless to fix what’s wrong, as I don’t really know what’s wrong. Unfortunately I have a rather iffy relationship with my GP and unless I really can’t do anything to improve the situation, would rather not go there.

So this morning I got on Skype to my mom, the unofficial foremost authority on Vitamin C. She told me that children can have 1 gram of Vit.C per year of life in 24 hours without any complications. As Ameli is 2 months (today) I crushed 1 gram and divided it in to four piles of 125mg. Administring Ascorbic Acid to a baby who has had nothing but Rescue Remedy and breast milk is not a pleasant experience, for mother or baby, but sometimes love has to be tough. I mixed the first dose with 5ml water in a syringe and slowly dropped it in her mouth.

Half an hour later her terrible cough had subsided, and she stopped crying.

I ran a warm bath and let her kick around for a while, which worked wonders,  – I even got a smile out of her – before we curled up together under the duvet wrapped in just our cozy bath towels. I administered another helping of Vit C, before we both sank in to a much needed two hour sleep.

Ameli slept for a little longer, and I was so pleased to see that her breathing was easier and she seemed so much brighter. I called my mom again, and was pleased to report progress.

After another feed, Ameli started chocking and coughing again, and I decided to rub Vicks VapoRub on my chest and let her rest against me for a while. It seems to have helped clear her airways, which I’m so happy about.

Well, between the Vitamin C, Vicks and Rescue Remedy, my sweetheart has slept a good few hours now, and although it’s almost 1am anyway, I think we’ll have a good night’s sleep ahead.

The reason I am sharing all this is simple. It’s been a hard day. A hard 24 hours in fact. I’ve not slept much, and I’ve felt heartbroken, and sad. And yet I sit here with heavy eyes and I feel proud. And honoured. And privileged. I know there is a time and place for medicine and doctors, but today I haven’t needed to trust someone else to make decisions for my baby, but have listened to my instincts, and I am proud of me because I know I’m doing what’s best for my little girl. It really is tough, this parenting thing, but this has been my first real challenge, and I feel like I have passed. And I feel honoured and privileged.

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