It’s everywhere.

In shops, in windows, in pubs in bars. I’ve been so busy being a mom and looking after a sick little one that I didn’t notice the, well, advent of Advent.

Since I’m no longer working, I don’t have any Christmas parties to go to, so I invited a group of my colleagues around for a late tea next Friday.  I made a start on the home made Christmas gifts I’m giving them.Trays of goodies lined up

Each person will receive a jar of sweets – so far I’ve made Honeycomb, Two Ingredient Chocolate Fudge and Butterscotch. I also made Cream Caramel rounds, but I’m going to try a new batch with light brown sugar – it’ll look prettier in the jar.

I’ve also been going through the batch of cards that I made earlier in the year, as I’ve got a few “new baby” congratulations to send, and of course it’s Christmas card time too. WithIMG_0615 New Baby Card everything that’s been going on, like having a baby, I haven’t had a chance to make more cards for this Christmas, and honestly , I’m not likely to have the time to make them all!

It’s been a stressful few days, but it did feel good today to be able to do something creative  and productive in the minutes between soothing and drip feeding Vitamin C.

That’s the great thing about these high sugar treats: they’re really quick to make and in so being are very mommy friendly, so long as they’re not being fed to toddlers!

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