Our first Christmas together I bought a big box of baubles really cheaply, and it adorned our tree for a few years. Over those years  however, I bought nicer, better quality tree decorations at special places: the Bath Christmas Markets, on a shopping trip with my mother-in-law and so on.

I now have so many lovely and meaningful decorations that this year I didn’t even use the old baubles and was going to throw them out. Then I happened upon this project idea for a bauble wreath and decided it was the perfect way to honour our first baubles, without having to add them to our tree.

(If you’re interested, the original is here. Below I’ve written the steps as I did them)

So, to make this lovely wreath, you will need baubles, a wire hanger and some ribbon.

step 1

Cut the string off each bauble


Sort them in to groups to make spacing colours on your hanger easier.

step 3

Glue the cap to the bauble. This is important as they tend to pop off when pressure is applied on the ring, and that is a real pain as two pop off for every one you reattach (trust me on this!)

Step 4

Slide the baubles on to the hanger.

step 5

Close the circle (I used pliers and a wire cutter as the hanger was quite hard to manipulate)

Make and attach a bow. Here’s a good tutorial for how to do that.

And there you have your bauble wreath!


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