I am afflicted by a London-based curse. Well, for me it is London based. I develop tonsilitis and bronchitis every year. The first time it happened was our first year in London, December 2004, just in time for our wedding. I kind of croaked my ‘I do’s’ through a drug induced, fevered hue.

toadWell, we’re back in London, it’s December again and you guessed it, I’m croaky as a toad.

Of course, the timing for this could not be worse.

Firstly, I have a house full of guests on Friday night, and I am officially behind schedule. The ‘gifts’ have been made, and the groceries bought.

I have made a few dozen Christmas Tree and Christmas Stocking biscuits, and they should have been iced today, and weren’t. Which leads me nicely to secondly.

Ameli is still not well, and has a very bronchial cough. She also seems to be undergoing yet another growth spurt. I haven’t taken her to be weighed and measured for a while as the clinic times on a Monday clash with our baby yoga class, but I know she’s growing, so I’m not too worried.

Today, however, whether it was sickness of growth, my little girl was constantly hungry and tired. She woke up bright as a daisy at 6am wanting to feed, and didn’t go back to sleep as she normally does. I ended up in bed till after 13:00 just feeding and snoozing with my little one!

I have to admit that it was pleasant, despite the discomfort of golf ball sized glands and a hacking cough, but the prolonged and frenzied feeding did make me wonder whether being ill can affect breast milk supply?

When I go to the pharmacy tomorrow to buy some Kali.Mur, my saving grace when it comes to my annual affliction, I think I’ll stock up on some Nettle or Fenugreek Tea, just to make sure there’s enough good milk there.

Even now I can hear her blocked nose snores coming from the bedroom, and I am psyching myself up for another night with a warthog, grunting and groaning and growing, steadily, and way too fast.


Can you say growth spurt?

  1. Sorry to hear you are all sick! The little one will of course continue to thrive. I’m getting sick of being tired, but other than that, we are well so we will send you our best energies.

  2. Hope you and your little one are feeling better soon. I don’t get any named illnesses per say, but every cold I have since my mid-twenties ends up in a hoarse, nearly absent voice. I don’t even think I can blame it on Pittsburgh!

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