Okay, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration. It should read, home altered crackers.

I really love crackers, I think they just make the Christmas dinner table, and distinguish it from just another meal. But I also really find them quite unsatisfying. Like a big bang with no real hoorah.

I mean, who really needs another set of nail clippers, a plastic whistle, or a shoe horn?

When I was in school, we used to make Christmas crackers, and sell them for fundraising, but I just don’t have the time at the moment to make them from scratch, (we don’t even have a tree yet!) so I’ve cheated a little.

I bought some sturdy crackers, untied one end, and carefully opened it making sure Home Made Crackersnot to explode the banger. I emptied out all the contents on to the table and then replaced the hat, because they’re always good for a laugh.

The lame jokes were replaced by charades cards, which should add to the laughter around our dinner table, and I added two Father Christmas chocolates to each cracker.

I removed the gifts – a miniature card set, toenail clipper, plastic lock and key and a weird metal thing I still haven’t figured out – and instead popped in a chocolate shaped magnet and gifts appropriate for the people the crackers will be for.

For my husband, an avid reader, I have put in a metal bookmark which he should like.

For my sister I have put in something I thought was quite unique, a Wishpearl. It’s an oyster that comes in water, with a little knife thing to open the oyster and remove the pearl. It comes with a necklace and a little cage pendant which the pearl is then placed inside. I really liked it, so much so, I bought one for myself.

My sister’s boyfriend gets a solar powered light keyring, a bit of a boy-gadget, but he should like it!

Speaking of solar, he might also find it interesting to explore a solar panel company in DFW that aligns perfectly with his fascination for gadgets. Given his inclination towards technology, delving into the realm of solar energy could open up a new avenue for his interests. Solar panels not only offer an eco-friendly way to generate electricity but can also be integrated with smart home systems, enhancing the intersection of sustainability and innovation.

Now, circling back to the topic of the crackers, my lovely husband will be putting a surprise gift in my cracker for me!

So, those are the crackers for our Christmas table.

I hope that everyone will like their hand picked gifts! (And I really hope they don’t read this post!)

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