So there I was, hair done, make-up on, feet becoming reacquainted with heels, handbag at the ready and putting my little girl down from her final feed. Pick up my phone to check the time, and notice a message. Listen in anticipation. Girls’ night out is a bust. Something’s come up with one, the other is sick, another can’t make it till later, yet another now can’t make it at all. So that leaves just me. All dressed up, and nowhere to go.

Hubby, aware of my disappointment suggests we go down to our local pub, just to ‘get out the house’. It was way too busy to take a baby in, so instead the three of us drove to the supermarket and bought some mint thins and pringles. Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle. I kid you not.

I ended up falling asleep in my hubby’s arms on the sofa watching a movie. Who could complain?

Today we spent the day strolling around East Dulwich village in the freezing cold. It’s a lovely part of London, full of Delis, boutiques, vintage, unusual stores – with price tags to match. It was great though, cheese tasting, strolling, watching Ameli watching the world as the three of us just did ‘family stuff’ together.

IMG_0742We also bought a Christmas tree, something we’ve been putting off for ages due to the hours Martin’s been working. Back home I decorated the tree while Ameli sat watching in her bouncy chair. She was really excited by the tree in the house. I couldn’t help but smile at her!

So, here we are again. Saturday evening, my baby is asleep, my husband sitting on the sofa across from me, the tree lights twinkling by my side. I couldn’t have written myself happier in a fairy tale. This is contentment. This is my life.


Contented Christmas

  1. Good Morning! Such a beautiful little girl and an adorable looking tree:) Just the three of you together….Life is good, right?

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