The Mother and Baby Bond

I was pregnant for 40 weeks and six days. I knew pretty early on that I was pregnant and had my first scan at 3 weeks. When I saw my little baby on the screen, no bigger or different from my coat button, that became its name, “Button”. I didn’t know the sex, but from that moment, I loved my Button.

Or I thought I did.
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A Sling is a Wonderful Thing

Before I became pregnant, I had never given a moment’s thought to the transportation of babies. They go in push chairs, and that’s where they go. Or so I thought. It was only on walking into a popular baby shop that I became aware of the range of options, and found that none were going to work for us.

Not only would it be impossible to get most of the tank-with-tractor-wheel travel systems up our staircase (we live on the first floor), but we didn’t have anywhere to store it even if we could. And that’s assuming we could even afford one in the first place.

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Contented Christmas

So there I was, hair done, make-up on, feet becoming reacquainted with heels, handbag at the ready and putting my little girl down from her final feed. Pick up my phone to check the time, and notice a message. Listen in anticipation. Girls’ night out is a bust. Something’s come up with one, the other is sick, another can’t make it till later, yet another now can’t make it at all. So that leaves just me. All dressed up, and nowhere to go.
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Baby ‘Yoga’

One of the best classes I’ve attended with Ameli has been the Buddha Babies Yoga Class. Despite the name, there’s no spiritual element to the class, and I’ve  found that it’s given me invaluable guidance on spending time at home with Ameli actually interacting with her.
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