A few weeks, or months ago, I wrote that Ameli was starting to teethe.  At the time I, stupidly, naively, thought people were right to groan when it came to teething. It really is a miserable time. Look at Ameli. She wasn‘t eating well or sleeping well.  Phew. Was that a false reality. On a scale of 1 to 10 of horrible times, I thought it was a 7. In light of the last few days, I’m regrading then down to a three!

Just to put me on the back foot, over the last three days while Ameli has been striving for new depths of misery, I have been suffering from a particularly mean cold which has rendered me half a person, never mind a parent.  At the same time Ameli’s teething problems have been waking her up throughout the night, so much so that the poor thing has bags under her eyes now.

So with one to two hour sleep slots, waking at 3am and refusing to go back to sleep till around 5am, teething traumaand spending the bulk of the day crying and gnawing at anything she can reach, these have been a rough few days.

We’ve tried the Chamomila pilules, which help for a while, and we’ve been having steady doses of Bach Rescue Remedy, her for the discomfort and me for patience and sanity.  A friend recommended an Amber necklace that worked for her daughter, so I shall acquire that and hope for the best.

These are really hard times. It is absolutely heart breaking to see her in discomfort and not be able to do much for her. She doesn’t have a fever, so there’s no real need to medicate, but it’s so hard to know that this is just something that she has to go through, even though she’s still so small.

I get so frustrated when I try to give her chamomila and she pulls away, or I give her a teething dummy (pacifier) and she spits it out, or the teething toy that she won’t take in to her mouth. She cries in loud, long sobs when I can’t just sit and hold her, and yet there’s nothing I can really do.

I guess this is a valuable lesson for me too. I need to know that she will go through things in this life that I can not take away from her, or carry for her. I  have to learn to stand back, and take a deep breath and let her learn her own way.

Those lessons seem to start unfairly early though. For the baby, and for her mom.

Any advice on how to deal successfully, and naturally, with teething will be appreciated!


Teething Trauma

  1. Some great ideas here. I would also say cold things work wonders. My little one was loving chewing on a piece of cucumber yesterday. I wouldn’t be afraid to give a little paracetamol liquid, even if baby hasn’t got a fever. It’s also a painkiller and if they are in that much discomfort it is worth giving especially at night. We would take something if we had toothache! Also lots of cuddles. It’s horrible to see them in pain.

  2. Gregg and I were just discussing this same issue last night. He said it was a flaw in the human design – as if God creates flaws He is unaware of and chooses not to fix them. Gregg said we should be born with our teeth ready to pop out and when they do, it should be enjoyable instead of painful. Ahhh yes, the joys of having a baby in the home. My answer to him? Why yes Gregg, it should all be pain free – thus leaving us unprepared for the realities of life. Here’s hoping Princess Kyra’s teething process won’t be too much longer and her pain will be little. Rest when you can My Friend and know I’m holding you very close in thought and Prayers.

    1. @Kesia, Thanks Kes! She’s having four coming through at the same time, so its a bit of hell for her, I think!! But I agree with Gregg… Hopefully an upgrade in Human 2.0 😉 But no, you are right… and this too shall pass 🙂

  3. Found you at SITS! Along the lines of the comment above, using the mesh feeder, try taking some frozen breast milk (put in an ice tray so it’s a good shape) and put that in the feeder. She’ll get the milk still and it will be cold and feel great on her gums!

    My little guy who is 10 1/2 months old is also teething. One tiny little sucker poked through on the bottom but that’s it. He’s my third and most high maintenance son yet!

    Ah, the joys of motherhood!

    1. @Pamela @ 2 much testosterone, Hi Pamela. I LOVE the breastmilk idea. I use it for congestion, ear infections, even cradle cap, so that could only be the next step! Excellent suggestion, thanks so much!

      Funnily enough, my mom in law said if my husband (their third) had been their first, he’d have been their only. Maybe it’s a third child thing? But then my brother (the third child) was a very easy baby, so maybe not! Lol

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

  4. Stopping by from sits!!

    Poor baby, teething can be bad.

    Do this, it works miracles! At target they have those little food nets that you can put food in so the baby can suck on…get a few of those and then freeze some grapes and then put a few frozen grapes in those little nets and let her knaw on them. She will love the grapes and the frozen aspect will numb her gums for a bit! Healthy too!

    Good Luck!!!

    1. @Trish, Thanks for the comment and the advice Trish! I’ve not heard of/seen those food nets (I’m in the UK) but I will look in to it. I wouldn’t give her grapes yet as she’s not weaned yet, but will definitely remember that for once she is. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. What a sweet little girl! She’s absolutely beautiful, even with dark circles under her eyes. I know how you feel. My 9-month old has been teething for 5 months now. I kid you not! I finally saw a little itty-bitty tooth bud poking through her gums this morning. It’s one of her molars, which is strange because she is literally toothless right now. Normally, the front teeth come in first. Anyhow, I can totally relate to those sleepless nights, unconsolable fits of crying (on her part and yours!) and constant discomfort. I wish I had a magic answer for you. I don’t. The only thing that’s helped is baby-wearing. I’ve found that keeping her near me most of the time provides a little bit of comfort. It’s so hard to see them in all that pain though. I sure hope she gets through the teething soon.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I’m glad you like the new site and I hope you’ll continue to come back often! Have a great rest of the week.

    Kristi, “live and love…out loud”

    1. @Kristi, Thanks so much for the comment Kristi! We mostly baby-wear anyway, and have definitely noticed that taking her out for a walk helps so much and she is generally able to go to sleep. Unfortunately with the weather being so rubbish and me being sick, ‘out’ hasn’t been a high priority! And I’ve tried babywearing around the house, and have managed succesful dishwashing, but cooking is still a trial! lol We bought a bumbo seat yesterday as we found she was most miserable when made to lie down in the playgym or on the reclining bouncy chair, so at least now she can sit up, which so far seems to help! Good luck with your daughter. I hope her teeth come through soon too… of course then starts the joy of weaning! I’m so not ready to give up breastfeeding yet!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Shame, this sort of thing is rough at the best of times but really debilitating when you’re sick too… I don’t have a magic solution unfortunately but a little bit of advice. I noticed my little ones were worse at night until I realised that it was because they were lying fairly flat whiched caused more blood to flow to the head, making the pain worse. I placed pillows or cushions under the cot matress to keep their heads elevated and that helped. Also make sure she’s not too warm.

    Also try a few different teething toys, mine had definite preferences, the chewing helps the teeth come through faster. If she’s really not interested then rub her gums using cool water to help with the swelling.

    I’ve also heard a lot of good things about the amber necklaces, so good luck with that.

    Otherwise I cannot think of much, sadly it is something they must go through as you say… the first few teeth can be painful, bit thankfully they are not all this bad.

    Love to you all N xxx

    1. @Nicky, Oh, Nicky… never before ‘thankfully they are not all this bad’ carried such hope before! Thank you! And thanks for the great tips. I’ll definitely raise the matress, and try a fed different teethers too. Thanks so much for the input!

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