A much busier week, in comparison to last week! Lots of family, friends and all sorts of things going on.

Day 336 – Farewell, Again

Our last day together. It’s a bit sad not knowing when you’ll see your brother again. Hopefully it won’t be another ten years before we’re all together again.

Day 337 – Walking to the Pot Holes

An early morning walk to get there and back before the heat of the day. It was a beautiful walk, up and down the mountain towards the Pot Holes. Martin and my dad walking ahead, I love seeing them together. Ameli was carried in turns – my mother carried her on our Hippychick and my dad on his shoulders. I love the halo around her head 😉 and the final picture is of the pot holes.

Day 338 – Playground Fun

Our last day and I finally managed to snap some pictures of Ameli on the play equipment, which she loved, climbing up and down the ladder, running across the swingbridge then plonking herself down at the top of the slide and whizzing down it – so long as there’s someone to catch her at the bottom – she’s still a baby after all!

Day 339 – Christmas Party Number One

A lovely poolside Christmas party, the way I remember Christmas!  My lovely friend Wendy – the friend I’ve had the longest in my life, even though seven of our almost eleven year friendship has seen me in England – was our gracious host. It was a hot day with great food and awesome company.

Day 340 – Helping Daddy

A quiet braai (bbq) at home, and Daddy decides to blow up the pool. Ameli, of course, wants in on the action, sticks her mouth around the other hole and starts blowing. I don’t suppose she helped much, but it was very cute!

Day 341 – Milk Bank

The first of the supply for the milk bank – having been away I couldn’t do much, but that was for November. Here’s hoping it can go to sick babies in need.

That’s all for this week. Thanks so much for joining us again for our week in pictures!

*P.S. I’ve you’ve noticed some missing numbers between last week and this, it seems I’ve lost two days, somewhere in the year – but never mind, we’re back on track for the rest of this year now!


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