Well, I never. I have been shortlisted for the 2010 Brilliance In Blogging Awards, in the category of ‘Bloggers Making A Difference’.

First-off a very big thank you if you nominated me, it is awesome to be seen as making a difference to someone, somewhere.

Now, I must tell you, I absolute abhor voting competitions, because really, the more friends you have, or the more you pester people, the more votes you’re likely to get, which isn’t really representative of the quality/skill/etc that you portray, now is it? And I’m just not the kind of person to beg and pleasd and annoy people endlessly with requests for votes. But grouchy me aside, this is a voting competition.

I am up against such bloggers as my friend Jax at Making It Up, and Sian, Josie and Eva who went to Bangladesh to raise awareness of the work that Save the Children are doing there, as well as Rosie Scribble who is working with UNICEF and Pampers to fight tetanus in the developing world. There are plenty others too.

I’ve not done any of these great things, nor worked on any big campaigns, some of which have received national media coverage, so I don’t really think I stand a chance here, to be honest! But in the spirit of things, I am going to ask a massive favour of you: please click over to the Voting Page, and vote for me! (And if you really really want to, you can ask your friends, and their friends to vote for me too!)
There’s no prize, or anything (far as I know), just a shiny new bloggy badge. I’d be ever so grateful.

Thank you!

Win or lose though, I’ll still be here, hopefully helping one baby/parent at a time.

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Brilliance In Blogging 2010

  1. It’s a great honour isn’t it. Well done on your nomination. I think the prize is a wonderful feeling that no one can ever take away…

    CJ xx

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