I often think about the things I learnt, and didn’t learn about, in school. Among the less helpful in my adult life were trigonometry and some aspects of biology. For example, it turns out I’ve never needed to know what the insides of a frog looked like. What would have been useful, however, was some basic DIY, like how to drill a hole in a wall or how to change a tyre on my car. In fact, there are a lot of things about cars that would have been helpful to know – like for example the value of keeping to a regular servicing schedule.

Those schedules, it turns out, aren’t just about keeping motor mechanics in business! Nope, the AA reckons there are four major reasons for keeping to a servicing schedule.

  1. It improves fuel economy

    Not many of us sniff at ways to save money, and one of the biggest benefits of keeping your oil and air filters fresh is that they make for a smoother running experience and with it a more fuel-efficient car. Other issues, like under-inflated tyres can create ‘rolling resistance’ which costs you in fuel consumption. So keeping all the parts in top condition will help improve fuel consumption and improve fuel economy.

  2. It prolongs the life of your engine

    Like with your body, and most other appliances and gadgets, the better you look after a thing, the longer it will last. The same can be said for your car. Just as you (should) see the dentist every six months to check up on those things you can’t see, servicing your car will help you spot problems early on, generally making them cheaper to resolve and prolonging the life of your car.

  3. It maintains the value of the vehicle

    You never know when you need to upgrade or change vehicles, and when it comes to selling yours, having a full-service history will generally make it more attractive to buyers. They do like to be able to see that you’ve taken care of it and it’s not likely to fall apart as they drive it down the road. It’s important to take the car to an accredited service station. On the south coast, you could visit KAP Motors for your vehicle servicing in Brighton, where experts will help you maintain your car.

  4. It highlights safety issues

    Servicing a vehicle can help identify small problems before they become big problems. During a service, your mechanic should be able to spot problems with important components such as the brakes, suspension and other parts of the car where gradual wear and tear could create sudden and disastrous consequences.

While it might not always seem like a financial priority, especially when it doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong, keeping your family vehicle well maintained is a really important part of keeping your family safe on the roads.

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