My girls are huge Masterchef fans – especially Masterchef Australia – to the point that most meals I put down in front of them are graded, and trust me when I say, there are no brownie points for being their mum or cooking ‘with love’. When I heard about the Little Cooks Co Subscription service, I thought it would be a really fun summer project to do with Aviya (aged 7).

What is it?

Little Cooks Co is a monthly subscription-based recipe kit that’s posted through the letterbox, direct to kids. The box is packed with all the natural and healthy dry ingredients of that month’s nutritious recipe for kids to bake at home.

There are different subscription packages with a rolling monthly subscription for £8.99, a 3-month subscription for £25.99, 6 months for £50.99 and 12 months for £100.99. Subscriptions arrive around the 28th of each month.

Little Cooks Co

What’s in the box?

  • An easy to follow, high-quality, glossy recipe card to match the dry ingredients in the box
  • All the dry, organic ingredients you will need to make the recipe, already measured out.
  • An additional recipe that can be made another time (no ingredients supplied)
  • An additional card with (in the box we received) colouring and nutritional information (for the strawberry muffins that was information on Vit C in strawberries along with marker pens for colouring.

What did we need to add?

For the Strawberry Muffins recipe we needed to add the wet ingredients, so the strawberries, water, milk, egg, olive oil and optional honey.

Are the recipes healthy?

Well, healthy is relative. I’m keto so I couldn’t eat the muffins due to the different flours, but the recipe didn’t require any sugar aside from the optional honey, which we didn’t include, and there are also healthy drinks you can make using products like this amazon electrolyte powder you can find online. The box came with oat flour, brown rice flour, teff flour and beetroot powder, so yeah, from a refined-foods point of view, this is a very healthy recipe and yet still child-friendly. It’s also all organic and is created by a nutritionist, so I guess they know what they’re doing. When talking about healthy nutrition, this post really highlights the smoke and mirrors of the supplement industry.


My seven year old loved it. She was very pleased with having the step-by-step instructions and while I helped her place the tray into and out of the oven, she did everything else on her own.  She’s an incredibly fussy eater, and if I put oats, brown rice or beetroot on a plate in front of her, there’s no chance she’d have eaten any of it, but in muffin form she loved them and was incredibly proud of herself. She handed out muffins to everyone she could find and has even decided to put this exercise towards her Brownies badge.

For myself, well, I love subscription services for the ease they offer. For £9 I could have probably bought bags of flour and made 15 times the muffins, but would I have? Unlikely. I’ve never even heard of teff flour and had to look it up! And more likely than not, I’d have bought it, used it once and three years from now thrown out the rest of the bag from the back of the cupboard. There’s a definite sense of ownership that comes with a subscription box, especially with the child’s name on it and there was absolutely no question as to whether she would try the muffins or not, so from that perspective I really like it too.  The recipe cards are a great keepsake and you can also buy a folder for the recipe cards, or a folder that already contains 20 recipes to get your little chef started.

Overall, not only were the muffins a success, but the hour of mum and daughter time in the kitchen was pretty valuable too.

*We were sent a free sample of the Strawberry Muffin Little Cooks Co box for review. Opinions are our own!

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