Now that summer is well and truly upon us, I thought I’d share one of my biggest survival tips with you – head down to your local forest!  Yes, my friends, it’s always cooler under the trees! While I could spend hours in the forest, I do find the kids sometimes need a little added motivation, so we jumped on a review of the Hape Pocket Swing and it’s a constant companion whenever we go down to the woods now!

What is it?

The pocket swing is exactly what it says – it’s a fold-up swing that can pretty much fit into your handbag. We have a backpack for days out in which we keep things like a microscope, identification books, a pocket-sized picnic blanket, and now, the Pocket Swing.  It attaches to two trees and creates an instant swing, meaning I can chill out in the hammock and the kids don’t need to clamber all over me. Winner. The other huge bonus I’ve found is that if we put the swing up near the existing rope swings in the forest, the kids take turns alternating between the rope swing and the pocket swing without arguing about whose turn it is and who’s been on it longer! Another brilliant bonus.

In the bag

In the Pocket Swing box you’ll find two webbed straps, two clips and the green swing bit. There are also easy to follow instructions. The swing folds up into itself, so it’s compact and good to go for the next adventure.

Getting started

To start with you have to thread one strap through the seat of the swing and attach it to the tree. This bit is a little fiddly at first, primarily because when you take it off again, you have to actually remove the straps completely to get the swing down again. This seems a shame and I would have liked if you could keep the straps in so you just had to ‘clip’ them in place next time, but it’s a small price to pay for the hours of use you’ll get out of it.

Packing up

I’ve already mentioned the bad bit, having to undo the strap each time, but it’s not a huge deal. The whole lot packs up really easily and slips back into your bag. 


I love this swing. It’s a perfect accompaniment to our hammock, and it’s ideal in the forest too as there are a lot of swings and dens in the forest, but normally only one per area, so this way one child can swing on the tree swing and the other the pocket swing, and that makes for happy children and a happy mama. It says the swing can hold up to 110KG. I haven’t tested it myself, but Ameli and Aviya have gone in it together (and they weigh nowhere near that) with no problems. Ameli likes to curl up into it as a hammock and Aviya likes to swing – it works for both, and helps contribute to a peaceful and pleasant afternoon in the woods.

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