If your family loves Halloween as much as ours does, you probably look for a fun, new costume similar to Squid Game costume every single year. Perhaps accessories like those halloween colored contact lenses can spice it up. With the kids getting older, perhaps you’re still trying to come up with ideas. Fortunately, there are a plethora of movies and games to choose from when picking Halloween costumes for the whole family. Here are a few ideas:

Super Mario Bros.

If your whole family enjoys playing video games and Super Mario Bros is big in your household, have each individual pick a character that they want to be. From Mario to Luigi, there are several options for the family to choose from. The great thing about this group costume is that it works no matter the size of your family. Whether you’re a family of three or five or more, the Super Mario Bros universe contains a character for everyone.  


If your children are young and you still have creative freedom over everyone’s outfits, make the costumes more about you and your honey. Grease is a great movie to use for characters that look good and are a lot of fun to impersonate. Who doesn’t want to dance around their neighborhood to the tune of “You better shape up…?” Your little ones can be a part of the gang with their Grease-inspired outfits as well. 

Onesie animal costumes

If the little ones are small, they’ll look amazingly adorable (and so will you, if we’re honest) in onesie Halloween costumes. In our humble opinion, animal onesies are the peak of holiday fashion. After all, when else would you get to wear a comfortable onesie around town without being made fun of? 

Whether you choose a baby shark or unicorn onesie, do it for the little ones. While you’re at it, hire a professional photographer to take the best pictures of you and your babies this Halloween. 


Dressing as the Incredibles family is an easy way to dress up in a family unit without worrying about all the extra details. Simply order the Incredibles outfits from a store online and make sure you choose the right sizes for you, your spouse, and the little ones. Then voila: you have your family costumes taken care of. To make a day of it, watch the movie The Incredibles on Vudu before you head out in your costumes to trick-or-treat

La Catrina

If you’re looking for unique costumes for your family and want to include a nod to Mexican culture, we have just the thing. Whether your family has Mexican heritage or you simply admire the culture, La Catrina is a beautiful way to celebrate Halloween and pay homage to the Mexican Day of the Dead. 

La Catrina is a costume that’s relatively easy to put together and easy on the holiday budget. If mother and daughter are hoping to wear matching outfits on Halloween, you can find matching floral headbands and use face paints to paint the beautiful face of La Catrina. 

If you don’t feel crafty enough, consider investing in a professional face painter to pull off the perfect Day of the Dead or Halloween look. While you’re dressing up as La Catrina, consider taking time to learn about the Day of the Dead, and the beautiful way that Mexicans celebrate it. 

In Conclusion

Whether it’s face painting or ordering sexy costumes from your favorite costume store, you don’t have to stress about Halloween. With these ideas above, you have a few options to choose from, with many more to be found online. Whatever you do, have a blast celebrating the holiday, whether you’re going trick-or-treating or celebrating the holiday at home. 


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