A picnic with a baby is one of the best ways to have fun with your family. But to comfortably relax with a child, it is necessary to think over a list of necessary things in advance. Let’s consider the list of basic items that will be needed for a picnic with a child.


When going on a picnic with a baby, it is important to dress it according to the season. It is better to give preference to clothes made of light natural fabrics, which will not restrict the baby’s movements, rub or squeeze, to provide a child with maximum comfort and protect it from overheating and insect bites. Do not forget about the headgear, which will prevent the possibility of sunstroke. It is also recommended to take a spare set of clothes, which will serve well in case of unforeseen situations.

Baby Food

First of all, you need to take a sufficient supply of drinking water and a toddler lunch. When choosing products for a baby, it is better to stock up on familiar factory products (juices, fruit puree, cookies, yogurts, etc.). Besides, pediatricians do not recommend feeding a small child meat, fish, or vegetables cooked on coal, so popular among adults, because it can provoke digestive system problems. It is better to store perishable food in a special thermal bag or not to take it at all to eliminate the risk of poisoning.

Toys and Games

Take on the picnic the kid’s favorite toys, however, you should not take a bunch of dolls, cars, or stuffed animals with you, preferring ones designed for active pastime. Babies will like:

  • game sets for the sandbox
  • balls
  • kites
  • frisbees and boomerangs
  • badminton, etc.

Hygiene and Safety

To guarantee the most comfortable and peaceful rest for a kid on a picnic, you need to take care of things in advance that will be saved in case of unforeseen situations. It is mandatory to take with you:

  • a first-aid kit, which should include anti-allergic drugs, medicine for poisoning, bites, as well as a bandage, peroxide, plaster, etc. in case of injuries. Go to getcurex.com to know the best medications for managing allergies from cats.
  • the stock of wet wipes
  • sprays that will protect from annoying insects
  • sun creams and lotions with a high SPF, panthenol-based sunscreens.


To make the picnic with a baby take place well without an unexpected occasion, you should prepare everything in advance. Take care of the baby’s food, clothing, hygiene, and toys so that a kid won’t get bored.


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