It’s almost Halloween, which is kind of amusing because we don’t really ‘celebrate’ Halloween. Or Samhain. Or Day of the Dead. We have two birthdays in October which is pretty much enough for us, but you know… everyone’s doing it. Our Bostik Bloggers Box this month contained lots of Halloween-themed goodies, with a giant foam skeleton, pumpkin and bat. There are all sorts of little scrapbook odds and ends and paper, including Halloween confetti.

For these decorations we used: 

  • Halloween themed scrap book paper
  • Webbed material
  • Halloween foams
  • Glu Dots
  • Bostik PVA Craft Glue

BostikBloggers Halloween Craft

Cut the craft paper into strips and set out the confetti.  Thickly spread glue, and lay the confetti on it as close together as you can – we are going for a mosaic here, after all. With the paper strips, glue them next to each other and over, where necessary, changing directions. Cut along the edges to get rid of the excess paper.

BostikBloggers Halloween Craft

Lay the finished shapes on the webbing, and lay that on a backdrop – we used foam sheets – gluing it all together with glue dots.

Top with a couple of plastic spiders, and use them as temporary seasonal art for the home.

BostikBloggers Halloween Craft

This crafting time was a good opportunity for us to discuss Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain and the cultures that these celebrations spring from, what distinguishes them from each other and what they might mean to us.

We were sent this box of crafty goodies by Craft Merrily as part of the Bostik Bloggers program. 

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