Today Ameli and I participated in a Flash Mob in London’s Paddington train station.

So, what is a flash mob?

A flash mob is a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a brief time, then quickly disperse.

Some miserable person announced on the transport website that this would happen today, and a commenter said something about hoping we are thwarted by a SWAT team. Well – I’m pleased to announce London’s finest have better things to do than harass a bunch of mothers feeding their babies. πŸ˜‰

So, why did we do this?

Well, the Government has axed financial support for National Breastfeeding Week, but awareness still needs to be a priority. People still need support. Young mums, new mums and second or more times mums need to see breastfeeding normalised.

Men need to know how their partners will struggle to succeed without them.

People need to see boobs used for their intended purpose:


Breastfeeding slogans abound
Mums nursing newborns
Mums nursing toddlers


Going about the business of nursing (burping)
Just mums...
...normalising breastfeeding (especially for the generations to come)
Dads who know how valuable their support is to the breastfeeding relationship
For some, it was all too much, but it was a valuable day and a great experience.

Interestingly, the only ‘comments’ I heard, were a guy saying “I don’t know. Must be some kind of breastfeeding thing.” I did wonder what gave the game away πŸ˜‰ and an elderly lady saying to her partner “Quickly, take a picture. Isn’t it wonderful.”

*If you’re in any of these pictures, and don’t want to be, please let me know. If you are  and are happy to be, please leave a comment with your name so I can credit you properly.

Remember to enter these National Breastfeeding Awarenes Week competitions:

To win a mamascarf nursing cover

To win a breastfeeding necklace and bracelet

To win a nursing pillow


To win a lactivist t-shirt and bag

To win a £30 voucher from Bras4Mums




Breastfeeding Flash Mob London Paddington

  1. Beautiful pics didn’t know about it n not a breastfeeding mum anymore πŸ™ but saw pics posted on fb n followed the link 2c the rest. Lovely πŸ™‚ good 4u yummy mummys (literally πŸ™‚ lol) breastfed my 2 boys 1st 4 a yr n 2nd 4 2 1/2 yrs, miss those lovely days but we still all sleep 2gether in our big triple bed n enjoy cuddles allnight. Always bf anywhere n everywhere, trains, buses, restaurants, parks, shopping centres πŸ™‚ ur rite the more women that do it publically the better screw the prudes. Read the politics of breastfeeding – excellent book πŸ™‚ welldone beautiful mummys n nurslings xxx

  2. I think it is fantastic! Women Power!! Why would you starve your baby for the sake of other people’s embarrassment???

  3. Thank you for getting this all on-line! My son & I enjoyed taking part in the mass feeding today. I was hoping there would be more press/ internet coverage to help bf week awareness but the comments you overheard make up for that, brilliant!

  4. I love it! Good for you. I love the lady’s comment “Isn’t it wonderful?” The only comments I’ve ever gotten for breastfeeding in public have been older ladies saying “Good for you.”

  5. Oh this is GREAT!!!!! I thought there was a dance thing with the nursing babes! But seeing sweet little nursing ones is definitely worth the pics!

  6. Hi – I’m the mum in the normalising breastfeeding one. Feeding James (8mths) and you’ve got my daughter Evie (3yrs)and my friend’s little girl, Sarah (7mths) in the foreground. Well done for getting these pics up so quickly – they look great.

  7. Ooh, how exciting! That’s my little boy, Dexter, in your top middle pic (with a sticker on his back: ‘Mummy milk is better than milk from just any old cow’).
    I’m so glad we went. It was lovely to see and be involved in. πŸ™‚

  8. Totally wish I could have been there! Took part in a smaller gathering in Sunderland on Tuesday to make up for missing this so at least I’ve done something. Might be a challenge for next year with 3 kids in tow… πŸ™‚

  9. So pleased so see some Lactivist t-shirts there! What a fantasic thing to do, I so wish I could have been there.
    Well done to all the organisers and to everyone to made it to the day.

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