I really need to find someone who wants to do a maternity shoot for me, because this picture was just a spur of the moment thing. We were walking into the local Birdworld and they were offering free photos to passers-by (with the hope you’d book a full shoot for another day, I guess.) So we agreed and got our free photo (they actually gave us two, one including the bump) and I just love the picture!

So here we are at 30 weeks.


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Bump Watch – 30 Weeks

  1. I so love photos like this, of little ones acknowledging a pregnant belly! Sasha does occasionally kiss my belly and will talk to Spencer a little (with direction). I’ve been saddened, though, that she won’t FEEL my belly long enough for Spencer to move. She will literally not leave her hand on my belly for more than a second.

  2. This is such a lovely photo. I have no photos which show me visibly pregnant with Bud and it makes me sad because I won’t be able to show him ‘when he was in Mummy’s tummy’. If we have another baby I will be taking lots of photos, or as many as I can tolerate, I’m very camera shy.

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