Soon after Ameli was born, my friend Kesia sent us a massive gift box filled to the brim with baby products, books and a whole bunch of gorgeous bits and pieces for her.  I popped everything relating to the pregnancy, birth and the next few months, into the box and when she was about 7 months old, I finally had chance to go through the box and keep those items that would have sentimental value, and get rid of the bits we didn’t need.

In the box we kept Ameli’s New Baby cards, her receiving blanket, the first outfit she wore, two newspapers from the day of her birth and so on.  It’s something I treasure, and I’m sure in time to come, she will too.  And I’d love to do something similar for Squidge.

Freya Designs do wooden boxes for jewellery, money, sewing, trinkets or storage. They have First Holy Communion boxes, wedding boxes, Christmas boxes and, fit for my purposes, baby boxes.

We received the Blue Pram Keepsake Box from Freya Designs for review, and they are really nicely made. The box is about shoe-box size, 27x17x14cm, so not really big enough for storing everything I have in Ameli’s box, but still a nice size for quite a few new baby bits -and probably a lot more practical for storage purposes.

The workmanship on them is really good.

To start with, they arrive in a Freya Designs box, wrapped in bubble wrap
The boxes aren’t suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts, and as Ameli managed to pull the ribbon off in two minutes, that’s probably something to keep an eye on if you have it accessible to they’re nice and protected. If you’re storing it for the years to come, it won’t hurt to keep it stored in those, for safe keeping.

The topper, in this case a blue pram, is really nicely finished off, and there’s a smiley baby inside. There’s also a plaque with the words -My First Memories’ on it. The larger box has a clasp to close it, but the smaller box doesn’t.

On the inside is another wooden plaque with Name, Date and Weight on it, with space for you to add that information.

Often with these things the outside is lovely but the inside is a bit unfinished. This isn’t like that at all. It’s all smoothly and perfectly finished.

As a product I think it’s really gorgeous.

But I do think the range is very limited. There are only generic pink and blue, so if you don’t know the gender of your baby you’re stuck. Some of the other ranges have a beautiful green which would add a nice option for those of us who don’t equate a sex with a colour, or don’t find out the sex till birth.  Also, apart from the photo box which is lovely, all the boxes feature babies in cribs or prams, so if you’re a parent who co-sleeps and baby wears, as we are, you may feel they’re not ‘relevant’, as we do.

I think the box itself is such beautiful quality and craftsmanship that a little variety and less ‘generic’ baby stereotypes would be a wonderful addition.


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In order to win one of these Pram Keepsake Boxes, head over to Freya Designs and tell me what colour you’d prefer from those available. Also, tell me one thing you’d add to the memory box.

For a non-compulsory but additional entry, you can also like Freya Designs on Facebook, but do let them know that I sent you!  You can then leave an additional comment here for your second entry.

The competition end at 23:59 on 9 January, and the winners will be chosen at random using

The Winner Is Michele Elton

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Freya Designs Memory Box Review And Competition

  1. I would love a pink one as I never had one for my little girl so I would put all her cards from birth and her 1st and 2nd birthday

  2. Id love a blue one 🙂 the first thing I would add to the box would have to be my babies hospital tags 🙂 children grow up so quickly, it will be a lovely reminder of just how small my baby was when he was born.

  3. I’d love a blue one as my baby son David was born 9 weeks ago on Fireworks night and I don’t have anything to store precious memories in like his hospital tag etc. Everyone kept saying that I shouldnt buy things like that myself as I would get them as a gift but I never did. He is so precious that I dont want to lose anything x

  4. I would love a pink box for my first grandchild due this March, My daughter would put all her scan pics and the babies hospital tags to start with but im sure we will have many memory items to add to it

  5. Pink, for my first granddaughters treasures, due in April, we have scan photos at mo, but sure there will be more treasures to come.

  6. I’d choose the pink one as girls will always love looking at them whatever age they are! I’d put in my daughter’s scan picture and wrist band from the hospital

  7. I’d love the pink one, and I’d put in some of my daughters artwork from her 1st year to see her progress 🙂 x

  8. Choices – hmmmmm. I think i’d go for blue and transfer some of our little boys stuff into something more worthwhile and then we’d likely have to buy another to make them both the same!


  9. Id love the pink one, I have a box for my sons memories (hes 10 now!!) but my daughters things are in a shoe box :O. I would put her coming home outfit, scan picture, hospital bracelet and some of the pictures she has done at nursery in there just for starters 🙂

  10. Photo Box – Girl (6″x4″ photo) (BF01)
    24x24x10cm, white

    I’d keep all her scan pictures and letters from her cousins that are excited for her arrival

  11. Photo Box – Girl (6″x4″ photo) (BF01)
    24x24x10cm, white

    I’d keep the first scan picture in it 🙂

    I’ve tweeted and liked on facebook also 🙂

  12. Photo Box – Girl (7″x5″ photo) (BF02)

    Scan photo, hospital photos, coming home, wrist band, curl from first haircut

  13. Hi lovely boxes please may I have the blue one BL14 I would put all my new grandsons little tresures in it thank you.

  14. Photo Box – Girl (6″x4″ photo) (BF01)
    24x24x10cm, white

    id put babies first little things in there like a lock of hair

  15. I would like the pink one for my daughtere. I would put in her wrist and ankle labels to remind us of just how small she was.

  16. A blue one for the little baby boy I foster to take with him when he is adopted, I would put mementoes from us and his birth family in it x

  17. would love the blue one for my baby boy. i would put clippings from the newspaper i kept from the day he was born

  18. Pink for my grandaughter! First tooth lost would have to be kept but it may take a while for that as she is only 4 months old!

  19. I would love the pink one which I would keep my daughter hospital braclet & a lock of her which I have in a jewelry box just now.

  20. I would chose the pink one and would put in it the tiny clothes I put her in in the hospital (she was prem) and all the lovely cards I was given when she was born, I have a memory “box” for myself too but it is a stuffed full suitcase now (36 years of memories!).
    Thanks x

  21. I’d have a pink one for my gorgeous god daughter and I’d fill it with memories we’ve had together! all the photos and pictures we make and also heirlooms I’m planning to give to her one day

  22. I’d love to win the pink one; I’d put in the box the outfit my baby girl wore home from hospital; she was really small (4.5 lb) so it will fit easily with room to spare.

    Thanks for a fab competition, I’ve liked your FB page and look forward to hearing about other fabulicious comps.

    Happy New Year x

  23. I would choose the pink one and add my daughters tiny outfit she wore in the hospital when she was born along with her wristband. x

  24. I would choose a blue one for my pregnant best friend please, one thing I have included in my twins memory boxes are one of the tiny nappies they used to wear when they were in nicu and scbu 😀
    I have said you sent me on their fb page-gorgeous things 😀

  25. The blue design is just adorable. I’d keep my baby’s first year journal inside rather than in the plastic box it’s currently in. He’s 9 months old now so it’s 3/4 complete!

    Thank you.

  26. I would choose a gorgeous pink box and I would add pictures of her birth mummy (my sister) so she knows how amazing and brave she is xx

  27. i would choose a pink one and would add my daughters wrist band/tag that she had in the hospital with her name on when she was born!

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