This is just a quickie competition for you, because I need you to do something for a friend of mine. Have you ever ‘lost’ your child?

I did once. Ameli was eight months old and had just started walking by holding on to things. We were in Paris, sitting at the Arc de Triompf eating lunch and I was studying the map. She was sitting at my feet, playing. I looked down from the map, and she was gone. I lowered the map, and couldn’t see her, I looked around at where my brother and grandmother were sitting, having their lunch and she wasn’t with them. I launched off the chair and yelled “where’s my baby” so loudly, half the foot traffic – a few hundred people – stopped.

All this happened in less than three seconds, but they were the longest hours of my life.

And then a little head popped out from the other side of the bench. She’d crawled under it to get to my brother. I sobbed in relief.

Three seconds. Even now, 20 months later, the hair on the back of my neck stands up.

While I’m not one for too much stranger danger, and I don’t think there’s a predator around every corner, I know that public places with a toddler can be incredibly stressful. I also know that waddling after an over excited tot around a supermarket at 8 months pregnant can be exasperating, to say the least.

“KidsRSafer” created a product – Mommy I’m here –  to help you find your child up to 150 feet away. It’s a teddy bear shaped wireless system which uses it’s own radio frequency, which attaches to a shoe, belt or wrist, with a simple key-ring beeper for the parent or carer.


You can win one of two of these bears by simply completing this very short survey. It’s annonymous, so I’m going to have to trust that you have done so, and you’ll have to leave a comment below to tell me that you have.

Simple as that.

Competition runs for one week, ending at 23.59 on 23 January, and a winner will be selected using 

Thanks for your help!

Please read the competition rules.

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Mommy I’m Here Child Locator Competition (UK Only)

  1. Delighted to have won!!!! Heathrow Airport was so much easier due to peace of mind regarding my 3 year old!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!

  2. Hi i have completed the survey, what a great idea, i once lost my little boy in while on a day out and it was the most horrible half an hour of my life, luckily he was found safe and sound!

  3. Survey completed, have tweeted (@01592_katie) and liked on facebook.
    What a great and very practical giveaway. Thank you.

  4. Survey all done! My little man is an escape artist, he is particularly good at wriggling his way out of the pushchair straps. Me and my husband spend every shopping trip worrying to death we are going to look round and hes gone. If he is walking, he will run away from us at any oppertunity, he thinks its a fun game and giggles as he is disappearing off into the distance but its so scary! we never had this with our daughter. xx

  5. Easy and quick. I am taking my 3 little ones on holiday in a few weeks…Heathrow and 3 kiddies…terrified they’re going to wander off!!!!

  6. Did short survey. Took less than a minute! That is a great gadget by the way, i have two boys and one is very quick on his feet. If your friend is using the survey as market research an age question might be useful.

  7. Done your survey * following on twitter @HebeFlowers. Must say this is a brilliant idea, I spent an horrifying 20 minutes when I lost my son while out shopping – they locked the store down to search for him and after 20 terror filled, grief stricken minutes my son came swanning down an aisle saying, “Mummy where did you go, you lost me!”

  8. filled in your survey, i lost my son once at the zoo, had a total freak out – just glad he was found within minutes and hadnt noticed i had lost him lol great device!

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