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I have under-estimated the value of a decent bra for most of my adult life. I love pretty underwear. There’s something feminine about it. It makes me feel good… I like it – I just never thought it was a worthwhile investment.  Until I had my first bra-fitting for a decent bra: one that doesn’t cut in the shoulders, bulge in the wrong places, or cause red marks in the elasticated areas. I think every woman should have a bra fitting from time to time, after the big changes, and before spending money on the wrong sized bra.  Remember, it’s pregnancy, not breastfeeding that changes your breasts!


BoobieMilk is owned and run by Karen, mum to two little people. She lived and worked in the US for 8 years before returning to her home town of Sevenoaks a year ago. Since then she has set up BoobieMilk – the at-home and online bra fitting service and store.

What makes BoobieMilk different from some other services is that Karen arrives with her stock, so that you have your fitting and she leaves your new goodies behind on the day, meaning there’s no waiting for orders to be filled, and post to arrive.

Karen has extensive experience supporting mothers in breastfeeding and in bra-fittings in a professional capacity in the US, and is utilising that experience here, now.

I didn’t choose any of the lovely underwear Karen brought, in the end, but instead became the beaming owner of a gorgeous  red HotMilk nursing top, since I don’t have any nursing tops at all and everything I am currently wearing falls in the dulcet shades of black and grey. I really got (probably a bit too!) excited about the nursing top, but it is soft, form fitting – which over a large bump is rather lovely – and supportive in the right places.  Post baby, there’s ‘ruching’  – that scrunched up, gathered look – to help cover the post-partum bump a little.

The nursing camisole has an A-frame support cup the flap of which drops down to reveal the nipple and part of the breast, without losing the support for the rest of the breast, so you’re not fighting gravity one-handed when trying to reattach the clip after nursing, which I think is pretty useful.  It’s also fantastic for wearing under a normal, non-maternity top, as you can then breastfeed discreetly by lifting the top shirt, which exposes the camisole, then dropping the cup without having to expose your middle, which is particularly useful in winter, as well as while you may still be feeling a little self-conscious about that extra layer of eating for two you know you really shouldn’t have done.

Boobie Milk has an online shop where you can order your pregnancy and nursing accessories. They also have an online guide to show you how to measure correctly so that you can order in the right size even if you aren’t able to have an at home fitting, or attend a bra-fitting party.

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You can win a £25 voucher from BoobieMilk for any product of your choice. Simply head over to their website, have a look around, then head back here and let me know what you’d use your voucher for.

For an additional entry, (which is not compulsory, and is not sponsored by Facebook and which has nothing to do with Facebook or its employees) you can like BoobieMilk on Facebook, and leave a message on their wall saying I’ve sent you.

This competition finishes at 23:59 on 30 January 2012 and the winner will be randomly drawn using

Please read the competition rules.


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58 thoughts on “BoobieMilk Bras Competition


    Emma-Jane – Long Maternity & Nursing Top in White

  2. Julie

    Emma-Jane – Long Maternity & Breastfeeding Vest in Black

  3. Solange

    The Hotmilk Radiance Bra

  4. danielle baker

    I also like boobie milk on facebook

  5. danielle baker

    I really love the Hot Milk luminous set …. GORGEOUS!!!

  6. Katy

    I love the hotmilk range. They are by far the most comfortable nursing bras that I have come across. Having just had baby number 2, I am looking to treat myself to a new set.

  7. rachael b

    would love to get the hotmilk nursing top but I think I’d also have to treat myself to a bra as well 🙂

  8. Nadia Alex

    I’d go for the Hotmilk Radiance Bra 🙂

  9. Suzanne sendell

    Love the nursing tops

  10. Marta P

    The Hotmilk Radiance Bra

  11. lindsay king

    the hotmilk luminous nursing bra – a nice nursing bra, that would make a nice change!

  12. Lacy Savage

    I am due to have my second child in 8 weeks and love your ranges! The HOTmilk – Shine Nursing Top in Beaujolais is stylish yet practical and I would LOVE to win! Liking on Facebook and following on twitter too(@loopy_lacy) Thank you x

  13. Helen Garner

    I’d go for the Breastfeeding Tank in blue.

  14. Leigh Larkin

    A Hotmilk nursing bra. They are all so expensive and these ones are so much nicer than the ones I have!

  15. Joanna Sawka

    Blaze Bikini Briefs

  16. Jen

    I would use it for lovely Shine Nursing Top in Beaujolais

    • Congratulations on your win Jen!
      Please check your email!

  17. Anene Cee

    I’d go for: Carriwell – Seamless Drop Cup Nursing & Sleep Bra in Red

    Looks lovely!!

  18. Samantha Wesley

    I love the Blaze Bikini Briefs!! Liked on facebook – SJ Wesley.

    • Samantha Wesley

      and followed on Twitter – @samanthawesley

  19. emma cella

    I like the Blaze Bikini Briefs.

  20. Daiva Preston

    I would use it for Shine Nursing Top in Beaujolais

  21. claire constable

    I’d get the hotmilk – shine nursing top in beaujolais, be lovely for the summer


    I would buy Hot milk – Radiance Nursing Bra, as I currently only have one nursing bra.

  23. kerri hughes

    liked on facebook and said you sent me i would buy
    Carriwell – Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra in Red

  24. Lisa Wilkinson

    I would choose Emma-Jane Seamless Nursing and Sleep Bra in Black

  25. katherine grieve

    Have liked boobiemilk on fb and said you sent me xxxx

  26. katherine grieve

    I would buy the Emma-Jane – Long Maternity & Breastfeeding Vest in Black

  27. Joanna Coleshill

    I’d use it to get a HOTmilk Blaze Nursing Bra – sexy, practical and affordable – fab!


    I would buy a nursing bra.

  29. victoriab

    I like the Blaze Bikini Briefs.

  30. Sarah Ballantyne

    I have liked BoobieMilk on FB and posted that you sent me along

  31. Sarah Ballantyne

    I would put the voucher towards a Hotmilk Radiance Nursing Bra & Bikini Set. I found the Hotmilk bras really comfortable with my first baby so I will definitely invest in a couple this time too.


    I have likde boobiemilk on facebook and told them you sent me 😉


    I’d uce it for the HOTmilk – Shine Nursing Top in Beaujolais

  34. Rachel Davis

    I would choose a Hot Milk Radiance Bra. I breastfed my son but always found nursing bras to be quite ugly and never found anything that felt remotely attractive. I am expecting a baby girl next month and will be breastfeeding again – this time I’d like to feel less frumpy!

  35. Penny Mitchell

    I would choose a nursing top and breast pads for my daughter in law who is having her baby in July.

  36. Cheryll H

    I’d buy a gift voucher… can i do that? I’m not pregnant but I have a good friend who is and it would be a lovely treat for her 🙂

  37. moota1514

    I love the Emma-Jane – Nursing Vest in White

  38. wendy ellis

    hotmilk all the way!

  39. Karen Barrett

    I have liked BoobieMilk on FB and commented
    Karen A Barrett on FB

  40. Karen Barrett

    I love the Emma-Jane – Nursing Vest in White

  41. Sarah Worton

    id buy HOTmilk – Shine Nursing Top in Beaujolais xx

    • Sarah Worton


  42. pippa saunders

    definately for a hotmilk bra ossibly radience

  43. natalie webster

    id buy a hotmilk bra- so pretty like a sexy bra rather than and nursing bra 🙂 help me feel like a woman again rather than a milk machine lol

  44. Kate Penna

    I would use it for a Hot Milk Radiance set as I love how feminine it looks. With my first baby I had really boring and unflattering nursing bras which I wore for the whole I time my daughter was fed (2 1/2 years) this time I am determined to keep wearing pretty undies as I think they make a world of difference to how you feel.

  45. Sarah Jones

    I would use it to get a Carriwell – Seamless Drop Cup Nursing Bra in Black as with my first baby I breastfed for 18 months but never found a really comfortable bra!

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