When I was newly breastfeeding with Ameli, I used disposable breast pads for the shortest amount of time possible. I simply hated them. I didn’t have ‘decent’ nursing bras, and I found the disposable pads crinkled, moved around and somehow, mysteriously, disappeared. I really hated using them and stopped as soon as I could get away with it – which meant I had occasional leaks which were embarrassing – but fortunately it was winter so I was normally layered up!

This time round I’ve managed to acquire a variety of reusable nursing pads to use and trial, and one such sample is the Natural Silk Washable Breast Pads from Carriwell.

These breast pads are highly recommended if you have sore and sensitive nipples, and you could even start wearing them in the final weeks of pregnancy if you’re leaking colostrum and find nipple against cloth uncomfortable. Apparently the anti-inflammatory properties in silk will soothe, cool, and heal sensitive and sore nipples. I’m not entirely sure how that claim stands up to treated and ‘produced’ silk, but it’s the claim they make and I must say, if nothing else, I find the coolness of the silk really refreshing.

These pads are machine washable, and have a super absorbent layer to keep moisture off the skin.

I prefer them to disposable pads too, because they don’t rustle, and so far I haven’t seen them show up against any of the clothes I’ve worn. I found disposable pads hard and crinkly, and also found they slipped out of sleep bras and relaxed bras and I’d often just be lacking one breast pad. I’ve not had that problem with these. I guess the material backing gives it a grip against the bra – I could be talking total rubbish here, of course, but that’s my guess, anyway!


Today I have a pack of six Carriwell nursing pads to give away to one reader.

To stand a chance to win, leave a comment below letting me know what feature of the Carriwell breast pads you like the most.

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AND THE WINNER IS: Catherine Miller




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Carriwell Breast Pads Review

  1. The best feature of the Carriwell breastpads has to be that they’re reusable…saving money and the enviroment. Also the natural silk sounds very appealing.

  2. The feature I love the most about Carriwell breast pads is the anti-inflammatory properties as my initial poor latching technique has really made my nipples red raw! They seem much better than disposables sticking to your skin and pulling skin off, youch!

  3. The silk – the simple coolness and healing properties are a huge benefit to any breastfeeding Mum’s nipples!! 😉

  4. the anti-inflammatory properties in silk and the fact they are less likely to slip make them sound so much better than disposables

  5. I really like the anti inflamatry properity and would love to try it and see if it works!!

  6. The feeling of cool silk next to my skin is the most appealing aspect of these breast pads for me, but they sound great all round…so much better than disposables.

  7. I love the fact they are machine washable and you can reuse them. Means you save and good for the environment.

  8. I think the feature i like the best is that they are machine washable as i went through so many with my first so would be great to save money this time round. All the other features sound great too and they do appear much more comfortable than the disposable ones i used last time round.

    (thanks for the review i will definately be chcking them out)

  9. I love the fact the breast pads are made of soft silk x I’ve liked your FB page and popped over to carriwell page to say you sent me x

  10. I think the savings in not buying disposables (as well as the other negatives of disposables is a good thing. Also, I think you said in your review that they don’t move around and rustle.

  11. Great review!
    I think the best feature of the Carriwell breast pads is they have less of an impact on the environment than the disposable pads that have to be thrown in the bin and replaced every day. I have to use breast pads throughout the entire time I nurse so it would be great to have some non-disposable ones.

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