Thank you to everyone who supported us so amazingly in our transition from a 3-person family to a 4-person family. I feel like an Oscar winner, saying this list of thank you’s, but thank you needs to be said.

We’ve been going through a really hard few months since my husband lost his job last year. Our Christmas was paid for on loyalty card points from local supermarkets. Ameli received review items as Christmas presents from her mama and daddy. Hubby and I bought each other a £10 gift each, both of them practical. January wasn’t much better as the financial realities of two part time employed people came crashing down on  us.  That, with a baby due in February, was a particularly stressful time for us, and I’m not very good at sharing my needs, or showing my weakness. When I reached my breaking point, however, and spilled my fears and stresses to a few people in my support network, the love and generosity that poured out from them was amazing.

I feel a little like an Oscar winner when I say this, and with the friends that I have in my life, I’m better off than an Oscar winner, but here are a few thank you’s from Martin and I to some amazing people.

From the NPN Network, a very big thank you goes to:

  • Moorea, Jennifer S, Kelly, Lani, Shannon R, Melissa, Charise, Dionna and Isil for their financial contributions to our Mamablessing.Their gifts kept us in fresh organic veggies for two months, bought a liner for the birthpool, and a new hose and sieve for the birthpool, evening primrose oil capsules, vitamin C for the incessant cold, and 10 gNappies gPants from eBay and all the contents for Ameli’s birth Activity Pack.
  • Lauren and Shannon H posted us a whole pack of newborn Prefolds, Nipple Cream and Breastfeeding Tea from Earth Mama Angel Baby (all the way from the US!)
  • Amy sent us her gorgeous dark blue home made Moby wrap because I really wanted to be able to keep the baby close to me, but knew I couldn’t afford a new wrap.
  • Adrienne sent us 3 gNappies gPants and a whole bag of disposable gInserts
  • Lani arranged a review for me to write for her blog for a lovely nursing top.

I had a babyshower, organised by our friend Gloria, and we specifically told people that we didn’t want gifts because we had a cupboard full of babygrows and baby stuff and didn’t want anyone spending money on things we didn’t need or have space for!

Ever generous and awesome, not only did Gloria organise everything for the babyshower, but her and hubby Chris also gave me a £30 Starbucks gift card. Man. Do they know the way to my heart! Do you know how many Hazelnut Latte’s I can get for that? As Chris said when I expressed my gratitude: “Mama needs her treats too!”

Ellie gave us two gorgeous hand made hats which have kept Squidgy’s head warm and regularly attract comment from admirers and Chris, Gloria, Sinead, Jules, Sara, Rich, Nadja and Emma contributed £85 towards a new camera I hope to buy when I have enough saved up to do so.

Local friends Nadja and Mish both spoiled us immensely with frozen meals so that we didn’t have to do any cooking at all for the first week and a bit after Avi’s birth, which was wonderful for all of us.

Naomi gave us a set of size one bamboo nappies, which have been so lovely to use.

My gran sent Ameli a ‘big sister’ card and a beautiful congratulations card for us.

Bloggy readers and friends were great too. Many companies offered us items we needed or wanted or didn’t even dare hope for for review, and you’ve seen them over the last couple of months. But in addition to that, Andrea from Baby Naturals sent us two Tiny gPants for newborns, and 0ne of my lovely readers, Tina, gave us a MamaJewels Breastfeeding necklace.

Romy from GreenPeople sent us a newborn gift set with beautiful organic products which we are loving using on both girls.

I also received a little something for me: a new mum bracelet set from Scarlett Jewellery to commemorate my beautiful girls’ births.

Krishna Bakrania, the IPEN Specialist who went out of her way to help me with my placenta encapsulation.

Rhiannon Alembic who at the last minute became my doula, for which I am incredibly grateful and without whom I’d have no pictures of Avi’s entry into our world.

Yuri Pires, for our maternity photos as well as our newborn photos.

My inlaws gave us a very generous gift which will come in very handy this month, and my parents gave us six weeks of my mom’s time and a plethora of treats while she was with us.  My sister also came to see us for two weeks, but sadly she missed Aviya’s birth.

We have been so incredibly blessed in this time, and both  wanted to publicly thank each and every person that has contributed to making our transition from a 3-person family to a 4-person family so incredibly amazing.

We love each of you, and we’re so grateful to you.

* I keep remembering people I’ve left off this list. I’m so sorry! And when I remember, I’ll add you!




The Big Thank You

  1. Aw, so sweet and encouraging. So glad you were wrapped in love during this transition. You give so much, and I’m glad you felt blessed in return! Please let us know if there are any other ways we can support you. 🙂

    1. Ah, it happens when you’re in the midst of so much chatter! Glad you like it! Also, it’s been lovely seeing you two days running. Really excited about your soon to be arrival too 🙂

  2. oh hunny, you know you will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart!
    You’ve been an incredible great friend in times I felt most alone…
    You totally deserve it and more! (the good things… not the bad ones!)

  3. It’s beautiful to see a community, or in this case a few, come together to celebrate a beautiful thing in the life of someone they love. I’m certain you deserved every last bit of it! Glad you were blessed:)

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