Colours: yellow, purple, black, red

Shapes: Oval, triangle, rectangle

Sensory: Black playdough with glitter, painting with hotweel cars

Field trip: Transport museum

Shopping list: Bananas, ingredients to decorate, balloons, soap boxes, pizza dough in a tube, cheese, pepperoni, pasta sauce, diet coke, menthos, paper plates, construction paper, paint, glue, toilet paper rolls.

Needless to say, week 5 was a big hit in our house! These boys are car crazy, or anything with wheels really.

We had a little mini field trip on Sunday afternoon to start off the week, by taking the LRT (Light rail train) downtown to a festival. My children love the LRT, and named all the stations.

I whipped up a batch of playdough, but, once again forgot to buy cream of tartar ( And it has been on my list for weeks!) I made the jello playdough, and subbed vinegar for cream of tartar, it had a bit of a weird consistency, but it turned out okay, in all fairness, it didn’t dry out as quickly as regular playdough, I will keep at it and hopefully my quest for the perfect recipe will end soon. I coloured pasta wheels, and offered them, along with straws, lolly sticks and vehicle shaped cookie cutters.

  • Monday: Banana Rockets

(Use 1/2 banana, wafer cookies, candy, choc chips etc to make a rocket snack)

We are experiencing a heatwave this week( Disclaimer: my children are wearing clothes in these pictures! I promise!) , I’m talking temperatures well into the 30’s. So on Monday (with a high of 39) we spent a lot of time playing outside in the water, crafts were put on the back burner this week! You know its crazy hot when you have this many pieces of clothing drying on the firepit!

On Tuesday morning it was still insanely hot, so we quickly made the banana rockets for a snack, and then headed outside. The boys did window painting (Mix regular poster paint with a few drops of dish soap) and then played cars in the pool. We spent most of our day out on the deck as it’s lovely and shady out there. I read my book while the boys gently dribbled cool water over my feet… Bliss!

  • Wednesday: soap box cars

Wednesday morning, we were a little tired, so I made and aeroplane out of card board boxes and the boys played airport until it was time to go to the park and meet our friends for a play and a picnic, I just love these lazy summer days!

  • Thurday:mini sailboats, pepperoni bread spare wheels

Instead on building the soapbox cars and the looroll train, we used tea boxes to make buses on thursday, The boys painted them and when they were dry, we added pictures of the “drivers” (For identification purposes!) and wheels. My boys love hoarding little bits and bobs , so they love the fact that these have storage space! While the boxes were drying, they used some hotwheel cars to paint. They were thrilled and greatly loved this activity. After craft time, we made the pizza “spare wheels” Boy did they ever love that!

  •  Friday: Paper plate space crafts, space helmets

Our Friday field trip had to be postponed (Dad will take them while mommy works on Saturday!)  So we made a Menthos and diet coke rocket, which was a little anti-climactic, as I am a giant wuss, and angled it away from us. I think I angled it a bit too much, as it didn’t shoot at all. We may need to redo this one! We spent the rest of the day inside reading books and watching mighty machines, there is a wild fire burning near our city and the air quality is dreadful!

Well, that was our week in a nutshell, I am really having a whole lot of fun with my boys, I am learning things about them and myself and I’m just so amazed at how smart they are! My highlight of the week was definitely hearing my older son (5) reading a story to his brother.

I hope you have fun this week!

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Andreas Summer Camp At Home – Week 5 : Vehicles

  1. Window paint? I’m sure it was a blast to paint all over your window! Sounds fun to me, too!

    It’s really nice that you’re doing this with your boys.

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